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Willie C. Ruffin Jr, aka CashMob YP’s ability to make the most of the opportunities turned him into a successful musical artist.

He has thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify and other platforms that eagerly wait for his songs to drop.

Getting into the music industry out of the many other highly saturated and competitive industries need guts and many bold decisions in life for an individual. Many individuals, especially the younger brigade, are those who believe in going with the flow and take decisions according to the situations they face in life. This very attitude and a strong mental fortitude have what helped most of them thrive and how. Talking about thriving in an industry like music is also easier said than done. It is an industry that can give endless opportunities to people who keep moving their path consistently, while others may face failure. However, classic examples like Willie C. Ruffin Jr, aka CashMob YP, prove how important it is for individuals to create opportunities for themselves instead of only waiting for the right ones.

He did the same, and that has what helped him thrive so much at such a young age of only 23 years. CashMob YP’s songs are just like his name, too unique. It won’t be wrong to say that he has cashed on many opportunities and even created newer ones for him, which allowed him to thrust forward in an industry that already has produced many greats.

Born in Meridian, Mississippi, the US, little did he know then that he would become a well-known R&B/hip hop recording artist, who would start his musical journey very early, especially after the many downs he would face in life. At 12 years, CashMob YP had begun his musical journey, but it wasn’t until 16 years that he started taking his talents seriously. Speaking on his life’s journey, CashMob YP says, “Many challenges in life are not for you to take a step back; they are for you to realize that it is time to take many steps ahead. That is what I did, and today the love I receive for my songs have made me believe that anything is possible in life, no matter what you are going through. So, keep the faith, my friend.”

His most successful track is “We the Mob”, produced by NFL BigBoyy. And, his recent songs No Comin Bacc and BaCC in Blood Remix also went ahead in garnering much love from the audiences.

Find out more about him through Instagram @cashmobyp.

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