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Sunbloq: This Start Up is Offering You Facial Protection Without Compromising On Your Style.

SunBloq is a company which manufactures UV face shields specifically designed for people who are particularly worried about sun damage to their skin. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Alexis Hood, They have two amazing kinds of facial wears. The most common kinds of UV facial wear are those that offer protection around the eyes and nose and mouth while leaving some breathing room for the ears. 

Many try to convince users that such full coverage is impossible while still offering ease of use but at SunBloq, this technology has been perfected to where both can be achieved in one model of facial shield. This is not the only type produced by them however; they have also manufactured face shields that do not protect against UV exposure but rather provide an alternative clear window section so as to protect wearers against airborne debris.

Alexis Hood has worked really hard to ensure that Sunbloq manufactures something that could be loved by many and honestly, ever since their launch, both of their products have been a hit and the credit of this success goes to Alexis Hood’s vision and her love for perfection and style. She considers style as an important feature to have in a product along with the usability.

SunBloq shields have been designed to fit seamlessly into any wardrobe, whether on the go, at the beach/pool, or while working out at the gym, her designs will turn heads while keeping you UV Protected– making it an essential item for all seasons.

If you are the person who loves going for the outdoor activities and sports, it’s a must have. SunBloq UV Face Shields are the best sun protection for snow, water sports, jet skiing, and many other activities as-well, even offering protection from blue light, smartphones, tablets and other electronic screens. And for your indoor chores, SunBloq’s “clear” Protection Shield is great protection against the airborne viruses without the UV! 

This stylish and comfortable to wear headpiece is adjustable to fit all sizes and is perfect for both men and women.

So, if you too think that this is a great product to have inspired by Alexis vision and story, you should definitely visit her website and check out these must haves!

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