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Sky’s The Limit With Betting Platform TendieBets

Blockchain casino platform TendieBets delivers a breath of fresh air to the decentralized peer-to-peer betting industry. TendieBets provides more than your standard wagers. The platform offers users a diverse and limitless way to bet on anything from sports and politics to entertainment. Users can bet on crazy outcomes for which stock will outperform next week, esports, wagers within the Premier League; even Kanye West’s awaited release of DONDA. Not sure where to start? TendieBets also implements a weekly coin toss every Friday.$TENDIE (@tendie.swap) • Instagram photos and videos

Not your average betting space, in addition to TendieBets, the site utilizes two other financial products TendieDex and TendieResearch. TendieDex, the newly released decentralized exchange, is the only place where users can acquire their in-house token $TENDIE. TendieDex is also the hub for exchanging tokens, bridging, and liquidity pools. Additionally, there is TendieFarm, a yield farming system that facilitates users to stake $TENDIE to earn BNB or MATIC in return. TendieResearch enhances TendieBets with articles written by Tendie analysts for any different perspective and information on various sport and esport wagers. One of the most recent TendieResearch articles is titled “Premier League Opening Day: Contenders, Transfers, Tips.” Tendie analysts went over which teams are: Title contenders.
The most monumental transfers in the off-season. Their predictions for games in the opening round. The highest pool prize on TendieBets currently belongs to “Will Biden be initiating another stay-at-home order in the next 90 days?” Just as some Americans started to feel like the weight of the pandemic was being lifted, the new Delta variant of the virus has become a prominent fixture in the media, if not within one’s community. According to a White House press briefing on August 18, nearly 7 million Americans have received the vaccine in the last two weeks. Although the previous two weeks of recent vaccinations have been some of the highest, many populations are not precise. Biden’s Administration mentioned the need to continue to reach unvaccinated people and the implementation of booster shots. So what does this mean for America in the next few months? Are we headed for more uncertainty? Will there be another lockdown? Care to bet against it?

$TENDIE (@tendie.swap) • Instagram photos and videos
Using Tendiebets to bet on politics is another way to use their prediction-based platform to make amusing and legitimate bets beyond the sports or stock realm. Moreover, the integration of Chainlink Oracle protects users from market turbulence and network congestion, in addition to Chainlink Price Feed’s ability to maintain the cryptocurrency prediction market. TendieBets is available for anyone seeking a fun and community-based betting experience.

Published by Gold Group Agency
Jade Delao & Danielle Cunanan

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