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Hunter Johnson all set to revolutionize the Information Aggregation niche to the next level with the start of 2023

“There is no passion to be found in playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” -Nelson Mandela.

It does take a lot of patience, perseverance, and commitment to pursue your passion, especially in a country like India, where most people prefer to play it safe. Getting out of the rat race and building something of your own requires intense confidence in oneself to sustain through the entire journey from struggle to success. The reason that we are discussing dreams and passion today is the notable journey of a passionate dreamer and achiever, 25-year-old Hunter Johnson, founder and CEO of Global Informatics.

At such a tender age as 13, when kids get obsessed with playing video games, Hunter Johnson decided to set out on a journey to monetize his passion. It was at this age of his life that he created his first-ever video game. Having no clue about the business world, Hunter got into a lot of trouble at the very beginning of his journey. But he still kept moving forward, even after five years.

His love for playing video games had a positive impact on his subconscious mind. The numerous games that he had played at those times gave him enough experience and developed his intelligence towards making his own video games. He had developed his skills to the point that the first game he created earned him more than 1 million users and generated over half a million dollars by the time he was 20 years old. He also gained over 50 million YouTube views through influencer marketing. 

$oteria, an artificial intelligence trading application, was created by Johnson. It proved to be his doorway, leading him to the world of information aggregation. Gradually, Hunter developed an algorithm to gather all the information available online on a certain person. In essence, the system identifies consumers so that it may send them personalised advertisements.

Johnson’s algorithm encompasses all kinds of information, such as social profiles, former addresses, phone numbers, emails, criminal histories, and the ability to determine personal interests. Currently, he offers this as a service, and the revenue from subscriptions alone brings in over $700,000 every month.

Every professional has their own speciality, and Johnson’s lies in spotting successful business concepts, carefully replicating them, and then applying his expertise in artificial intelligence to develop marketing strategies catered to his target market.

Talking about the business that he is involved in, Johnson says, “The attractive part about this business is that it is so technologically intensive that the barrier to entry for other competitors is incredibly high once I enter the space and drive ad prices up.” Furthermore, he adds, “Beyond that, once everything is set up, the business runs itself as a fully automated system.” “At this point, I could die and my company would still process millions of dollars in sales throughout the year.” This shows how clear Johnson is with his goal as well as the entire process of execution.

There is something special about Johnson that led him to transform his virtual data aggregator into a seven-figure brand. Hunter Johnson and his journey give a clear message about having your goals and systems clear in your head before you go for execution.

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