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Taking over the business space like a true-blue professional meet Rob Laird III

The father of two and a highly driven personality across niches has shown the world what it takes to become one’s best version.

Isn’t it amazing to know and learn about all those people who make sure to clinch excellence before securing success? Very few individuals and professionals like these are found in the world, and what makes them stand apart from the rest is their willingness to learn something new each day for implementing the same in all that they choose to lay their hands on in their careers. With this attitude and approach, many of them have created their unique niche, even in competitive and highly growing industries. Amidst fierce competition and saturation across fields can be too intimidating and challenging. Still, professionals like Rob Laird iii prove how consistently walking on one’s path can one day indeed lead them to the success they seek in life.

It was only recently, after the outburst of what we today know as a global health crisis, that we saw the rise of many brands and businesses in the medical industry. It was found how the PPE played a considerable role in protecting people from the virus and how the frontline workers in the industry needed them. That is how Media Medical Products, a medical products company founded in 2014, jumped into providing these as well. Rob is the Senior Vice President of Medea Medical Products, which today is known as a trusted and reliable provider of PPE to FEMA hospitals, large organizations, and the government.

Rob Laird’s incredible strategies and ideas for the company led them to earn a $200 million Department of the defense contract to fulfill the White House requirement for Covid tests and Covid testing for, which is the staple center of Microsoft’s theatre. The 37-year-old is also a father to two, who coaches them in a state championship football program Folsom, CA Bulldogs. With his relentless drive and passion, Rob has taken One Source Capital Group to newer success levels as its Vice President of business development. They have already funded nearly $100 million. Besides this, it must also be noted that he is the owner/partner at Primebody, the fast-growing TRT company in the country, known for a fantastic hormone-replacement program. The passionate being looks unstoppable in fulfilling all of his above roles and wants to keep working harder each passing day.

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