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Dr. Pamela Gurley – The eminent serial-preneur who is one of the most prolific Authors and Entrepreneurs today

With experience spanning over two decades, she is known for her ability to identify new opportunities and seize them, which have benefitted the progression of her status as an entrepreneur and author.

Dr. Pamela Gurley’s name tops the list of professional speakers and entrepreneurs who have also done exceptionally while wearing many hats. She is the Founder/CEO of Clark and Hill Enterprise and IAMDRPGURLEY, as well as the Founder/President of the Brown Girl and Brown Boy Literacy Foundation and Host of the Herspiration Happy Hour Podcast. She says that her sole aim is to empower and motivate people to live authentically, which includes healing from challenges in their life’s journey. Her motivational and transformational talks are powerful and change people’s perspectives towards life. Dr. Gurley is humble and grateful to know that she’s impacting lives with her work. “I share my experiences and vast knowledge accumulated over the years, which helps people implement a different perception and approach, as well as reflect on their life’s journeys to change what they want – not what others want them to change.” Her energy and wisdom are not limited to a particular age group or people coming from a specific background but impact a large base, which helps them unlock their real potential and move ahead. She is well versed in connecting with people, helping them develop their own powers that push them to tide through the rough weather they face in their life’s journey.

She has been credited with introducing an annual kid’s red carpet book tour and literacy festival aimed at promoting literacy in 2021. In 2022, she introduced other Black and Brown authors to participate in her advocacy of literacy. We are keen to know what made Dr. Gurley choose this area and delve deep into it, knowing she had a well-paying job earlier. To this, she replied, “I have always been an entrepreneur, but was not full-time. In 2020, I awoke & it was “now or never,” so I resigned from my six-figure salary government job to step fully into entrepreneurship. Instantly, my creativity was unleashed, turning me into what I never thought I’d become – a 23x published author, especially most notably known for a children’s books series. That changed the trajectory of my life as an author. I didn’t want a typical book signing for children. I wanted to make a greater impact on children.”

Improving the literacy ratio in minority children has been her biggest inspiration. According to Dr. Gurley, when we think about children’s literacy, books and reading come to our minds, but it is much more than that, as literacy is in everything we do. It is an essential life skill that helps them interact with the world around them, and she stresses this area more than anything else. “This is the foundation of my book tour/festival. I offer educational and other activities that allow children to explore their imagination and creativity via different activities like photography, gardening, face painting, and much more. “Watching them learn something new daily inspires me to advocate more for children from the minority community,” says Dr. Gurley.

The only author who has curated a National Kid’s Red-Carpet Book Tour/Festival makes her stand out and be known amongst wide circles. On her future plans, Dr. Gurley says that her Kid’s Red Carpet (KRC) will transition into the non-profit sector through her soon-to-launch organization – Brown Girl and Brown Boy Literacy Foundation. She will continue to grow her national red-carpet event – in which she says her 2023 dates will be held Spring through Summer (May-Aug), which will be hosted in Jackson, Mississippi, Memphis, Tennessee, Savannah, Georgia, and Huntsville, Alabama.


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