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SpaceX gears up for the launch of 4 astronauts into the International Space Station.

SpaceX Crew Dragon ‘Resilience’ to touchdown at around 0400 GMT and astronauts will stay there for six months.

Key points:

1. 4 astronauts to be launched by SpaceX into International Space Station.

2. The launch on Sunday will be attended by Vice President Mike Pence and the second lady.

3. Elon Musk’s SpaceX leaps frog rival Boeing.

4 astronauts to be launched into ISS, by SpaceX: 

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is slated to release 4 astronauts into the International Space Station on Sunday — the primary of what the US hopes may be many habitual missions following a success take a look at flight in past due spring. 3 people in America, Michael Hopkins, Shannon Walker, Victor Glover — and Soichi Noguchi of Japan would blast off at 7:27 pm Sunday (0027 GMT Monday) from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida — at the SpaceX Crew Dragon “Resilience“.

Vice President Mike Pence along with Karen Pence, will attend the grand launch:

In May, SpaceX finished an illustration venture displaying it can take astronauts to the ISS and produce them again safely, hence finishing nearly a decade of reliance on Russia for rides on its Soyuz rockets. The release may be attended with the aid of using Vice President Mike Pence and 2nd woman Karen Pence.

Astronauts to stay for six months in ISS: 

The team will dock at their destination at around 11:00 pm Monday (0400 GMT Tuesday), becoming a member of Russians and one American on board the station, and live for 6 months. The Crew Dragon in advance this week has become the primary spacecraft to be licensed with the aid of using NASA for the reason that Space Shuttle almost forty years ago.

Boeing’s failure gave SpaceX the nod to carry out the mission:

At the cease of its missions, the Crew Dragon deploys parachutes then splashes down withinside the water, simply as withinside the Apollo era. NASA became to SpaceX and Boeing after shuttering the approved Space Shuttle application in 2011, which failed in its important targets of creating area tour low cost and safe.  

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