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Perry Grone, Comedia & Content Creator

This comedy star is scaling his presence on Tik Tok & Instagram quickly!

Perry Grone is a stand-up comedian and content creator who has quickly gained attention with a digital thumbprint of millions of views across his social media channels. He has performed on stage at famous clubs like the Comedy Store and the Ice House. Grone quickly found enjoyment on stage after starting his stand-up career and is generating buzz online by creating comedy sketches.

Perry co-creates his content with his brother Dakota Grone. Together they’ve made popular series’ like Brown-Friend and Alcoholic Jesus. They approach each video concept with a question – ‘If we watched this, would we share it with a friend?’. Shareability as their primary goal makes their creative process quite extensive at times. Their videos are between 10-30 seconds but can take up to a week to create. Each video involves a script, fast-paced editing, and cleverly timed punchlines that leave you watching over and over.

Grone understands that the landscape of entertainment both on stage and online is changing, quite literally, day by day. Building an online audience is pretty much non-negotiable today, but having a long-term growth strategy is just as important.

‘We want to host exciting comedy shows and make movies and TV that interest us.’ Grone says, and their strategy is aligned with just that. They plan to use their witty comedy sketches to fuel their online reach until they’re able to go on tour and have the ability to make the creative projects they’re passionate about.

Grone’s interest in comedy and film has influenced his whole life. His childhood dream job was to be a movie Director. He used a $50 camcorder to create a stunt series inspired by Jackass called “Crash TV” in high school. Grone supported himself through college with videography and then traveled internationally, making commercials for Red Bull and Nike.

Much like filmmaking, stand-up comedy had a significant impact on Perry’s artistic interest early on, and he always had an itch to get on stage. When he was sitting around at home in Los Angeles, he decided the wait was over. He signed up for an open mic and was struck with an ‘ah-ha’ moment. He’s never looked back. Grone is committed to a lifelong mission of making people interested, feel good, and laugh.

Published by Alex Mamutin

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