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Maya Bernaia takes giant strides in Monaco with the innovative digital project IamFuture.

The perform-to-earn concept to better the digital landscape in Monaco.

Ideas that go ahead in becoming revolutionary are ideas that weren’t built overnight, which is something all of us know. Still, we have seen a few ideas turning into winner-like projects that ultimately push forward growth in their respective sectors and pose as examples to the world for others to take inspiration from. Continuously introducing new concepts and innovating in the digital world is one such self-made woman digital entrepreneur and a Ukrainian-origin talent named Maya Bernaia, who now has been making headlines for making Monaco the headquarters of her one-of-a-kind venture IamFuture.

Maya Bernaia is the one behind IamFuture, helping entrepreneurs pave their own path for success and growth by introducing and developing powerful innovative digital strategies. Originally from Ukraine, she gained education in Harvard and Geneva, incepted IamFuture as a complex multilayer ecosystem for web3 digital projects, and now remains unstoppable in developing her business in the digital dimension, financial infrastructures, facilitation in Web3 environment, perform-2-earn gaming concepts, AI negotiation facilitation, art and creativity support. Making headlines with her new gaming project, she has attracted people’s attention to performing digital sports in an open, engaging virtual environment with social and commercial elements. Means, Monaco received its own original Metaverse.

Merging DeFi with the perform-to-earn gaming concept, she has created a new environment for the financial services offering, which is actively implemented by the IamFuture in the game environment idea Metarollers. Players in this game will explore five global cities like Singapore, Rome, NYC, Dubai, and now Monaco, which is the current headquarters of IamFuture. The gaming experience will offer joy and be full of unexpected fun and surprises, together with creativity and performance opportunities. You can experience skating around the Prince Palace and you can offer your own digital art piece for sale. In the Metarollers environment, tournaments and contests with real prizes are planned and organized daily, so the desire to get excited through improvement is always fed.

The project looks immensely engaging, big, and exciting, and is aimed to offer Monaco an incredible opportunity to make the most of the perform-to-earn concept. The gaming project can help people create, enjoy and improve their digital landscape as a whole.

Maya Bernaia, who is behind this innovative ecosystem, says, “Here is the invitation to join the future, to connect to the intense and multipurpose IamFuture financial infrastructure aimed to empower community decisions.”

IamFuture is not just about gaming, also they have an IamFairplay trust validation platform based in Monaco, implementing a Risk Optimization Strategy to make transactions safe and seamless and maintain transparent and comprehensive activities and partnerships.

Maya Bernaia is giving it her all to widen the digital landscape of Monaco through IamFuture, introducing innovative digital strategies on the principles of transparency, good community, fair partnership priorities, and trust building.

Media Contacts:

Contact Person: Maya Bernaia

Company Name: IamFuture SARL

Website: ,

Company E-mail:

State: Monaco

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