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Le Syndicat NFT and its Three Person Team

A new project with a trustworthy team is here

In 2022, the air is barely breathable; the last sunny day was more than two years ago, 99 % of the population lives on credit, and the few that still have jobs have mediocre pay. The Syndicate has been quietly rising to power, working in the background of political associations, making deals with mega-corporations, and working on a serum to make the population; happier. The Syndicate offers free access to the substance they created for all their members. To join the organization, you only have to pledge allegiance and sign a few contracts.

Le Syndicat NFT is a collection run by a three-person team composed of Marco, Thibault, and William, all three of them have complementary backgrounds: in coding, design, and marketing. They started this project because they wanted to do something more with their creative experiences. With this project, they have one aim and one aim only. They want to prove that with the right amount of work and skills, you can start a project from scratch with a minimal budget and have it be an astounding success. While building this project brick by brick, they learn how to create their house.

William said: ‘’ We take notes, try paths, and constantly push the ones that lead to more success. Every day, we adapt our strategy to build solid foundations and give back what we learned to our community. When we sell out this collection, we want to give back to the community. We will create a launchpad/incubator/angel company/ whatever you call it. We will help projects bloom to be the better version of themselves by investing in them and providing our expertise. So that others can take the road we built without detours.’’

  • What does this mean in concrete words for the project :

Their money will be invested in an incubator to help the community succeed. Dividends will be given to their holders as soon as possible on new projects Le Syndicat NFT helps build. Exclusive access to new projects for their holders. They will provide their expertise to help the community grow healthily and organically. Le Syndicat NFT believes in hard work and legitimacy. Le Syndicat NFT is a collection built organically with a minimal budget. The team does not want to promote bots, scammers, or bad practices. They advocate for promoting knowledge transfer, hard work, and legitimacy.

Links :
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Published by Alex Mamutin X Branded Book
@thebrandedbook @nft_book

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