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Introducing Chris Georges, celebrity beauty artist How one DM skyrocketed his career

The ambitious and determined, 22 year old celebrity beauty artist, Chris Georges, was born on march 13th 1999. Although moving to Los Angeles, Georges was born in Ottawa, Canada. He was brought up by lebanese parents, alongside his two older siblings. From a young age, Chris was taught to speak three languages; english, french and arabic, making him trilingual.

Chris’ career path comes as a surprise to no one ; as a child he enjoyed expressing his creativity through drawings and paintings, amongst other artforms. These mediums of expression made the transition from paper canvases to human canvases an easy one. After having watched his mother perform her beauty routine for years prior, he started practicing his own skills on his older sister. With said years of practice, combined with countless hours of beauty content on YouTube, Chris became a self-taught pro himself.

Previous to his current status as a celebrity beauty artist, Georges worked as a freelance artist in his hometown of Ottawa, where he acquired a solid and loyal clientele, as well as a rapidly growing social media following. In addition to his freelancing work, Chris briefly worked at a well-known cosmetics store and was the key hair artist for two Lifetime movies, such as “Killer Prom” and “The Obsession Trilogy, Part 1”. Between these two jobs, Chris also kept busy at the hair salon, taking as many clients as he could. At the salon, Georges is most known for being a great colorist, as well as flawlessly installing hair extensions.

Although happy with his success and achievements, Chris knew he was bound for bigger and better things. In 2020, Georges launched his self-titled beauty brand, ChrisGeorges Beauty INC., where one may purchase high-quality and always luxurious faux mink eyelashes, as well as ethically sourced hair extensions and wigs.

Funnily enough, it’s actually a dm to Francesca Farago that truly changed Chris’s life around;
Chris and his now BFF, “Too Hot To Handle” star, Francesca Farago, 27, first exchanged dm’s on Instagram back in september of 2020. The two friends quickly arranged a meet up in order for Chris to do Francesca’s hair and makeup. Having fallen in love with Chris’s talent and charming personality, Francesca made sure this meeting wouldn’t be their last.

In fact, Chris has now followed Farago to Mexico and Europe, doing her up in several different hairstyles and makeup looks, as seen on her Instagram page, YouTube, Tiktok and UK’s TOWIE. He has also collaborated with other notable influencers like Demi Sims from the UK’s TOWIE and Haley Cureton, Francesca’s “Too Hot To Handle” co-star.

Chris’s go-to look is sexy and glamorous makeup, as well as bouncy, healthy and shiny hair. You can find his work on his Instagram and on the big screen! You can also look forward to seeing more of his work on big names and influencers as he makes the big move to Los Angeles.

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