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British Diplomat saves a college student from drowning in China.

Locals hailed the British Diplomat as a hero and gifted him precious artifacts, lauding his heroics.

Key points:

1. A drowning college student saved by a British diplomat in China.

2. British Diplomat has been gifted a painting scroll of Zhongshan Ancient Town.

3. The British Embassy hailed Stephen Ellison for his heroics. 

British diplomat leaped to the rescue of a drowning Chinese girl:

British diplomat is being hailed as the hero who saved a drowning university scholar in southwest China on Saturday. The British consul-general in Chongqing, Stephen Ellison, 61, turned into on foot via way of means of a river withinside the close by historic metropolis of Zhongshan while he heard a girl screaming, he stated in an interview with the BBC. He stated the girl had slipped into the river, and it turned into quite glaring pretty quick that she turned into in trouble, she could not swim.

Video of a British diplomat saving a Chinese woman goes viral:

Video of the incident published on Twitter via way of means of the British embassy suggests a crowd screaming in panic after a girl is noticed face-down withinside the water. Ellison is then visible leaping in to rescue her. After Ellison receives a preserve of the girl withinside the river, an onlooker tosses a floatation tool into the water. Ellison then incorporates the girl to the lifebelt, and those pull the pair to the riverbank. The British Embassy stated it was immensely happy with Ellison.

British diplomat jumps into river to save drowning woman in China | Metro  News

CGTN reported that Ellison was has been invited for a meal for his heroics: 

China’s state-run CGTN stated that a few onlookers delivered Ellison lower back to their domestic after the incident. He turned into given a few dry clothes, coffee, and food. They additionally gave him a 6 meter (20 foot) portray scroll of Zhongshan Ancient Town as a gift, CGTN stated. After the scholar recovered, she and Ellison had a drink together. She even invited him for a meal, and Ellison stated he is hoping to simply accept it soon.

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