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Beginning of Javons Journey Into Crypto & NFTs

Javon Nanton is a 39- year-old native born and raised in Miami, Fl. He’s a 2001 football National Champion alum from the University of Miami. On January 7th, 2021, Javon was at his local barbershop to get his weekly haircut. While he waited his turn, he heard a conversation by another customer about Robinhood and Crypto. As he eavesdropped on their conversation, he said, “May I ask what are you talking about?” His $40 haircut became a $60 Dogecoin investment. Two months later it produced $3500. From then on, “Get money and buy income” has been Javon’s motto. Not knowing anything about crypto, the adrenaline, and FOMO of wishing he should have invested more, but in reality, he didn’t. Constantly made him hungry and determined to create wealth for himself, family, and friends. Throughout the rest of the year, Javon has used Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and a discord group, The Wealth Squad, to help increase his wealth and knowledge. Javon started following an entrepreneur named Chris Johnson @weathsquadcj.Eth and was quite amazed at how insightful and helpful this guy was. Javon calls him “The black Warren Buffet,” a stock guru who also teaches people how to invest and make money in so many ways.

In June, crypto was down, and when crypto is down, it’s time to go shopping; he expanded his crypto portfolio and now was heavily invested for the long term with several tokens. Which next turn his focus to NFT’s. NFT’s are taking the world by storm. With information, Javon’s received in his discord group, KrisKay @kriskay.eth is another entrepreneur who’s heavily vested in the crypto and Defi space. Learning and studying his course “The Defi Bible” has put Javon in an area he doesn’t want to leave. Today, Javon currently has 10 NFT’s and is currently working on an NFT project of his own. With so much still to learn, Javon wants to help others educate themselves into intelligent investors.

Recently, Javon met Alex Mamutin, owner of The two met through Instagram. Seeing that they were two like-minded individuals, they decided to team up and put those insightful minds together to build for now and their futures.

Follow this amazing journey:

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