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Author, marketer and versatile talent Karolina Hobson now looks forward to launching her book “T.H.I.N., Rich, and Happy” in January 2022.

The much-talked-about marketing expert is driven by her mission to help businesses scale their growth for achieving their desired success.

There are various kinds of individuals and professionals in this world. A few of them are those that believe in only running behind their desired success and goals, while a few others believe in helping others attain success, ultimately becoming successful themselves in their endeavours. The business world has seen many of such talented beings, but some of them have pushed boundaries and created their unique niche as experts in their fields. Doing exactly that is a high-performing female professional and a marketing expert named Karolina Hobson. This passionate woman is driven by her aim to help businesses scale their growth and achieve the success they truly desire.

This talented woman thrives on her innate skills and abilities as a successful entrepreneur, investor and “social-selling” expert, who has given more than 15 years to different sectors like marketing, social media, businesses solutions in media, leadership, sales and PR. Besides that, Karolina Hobson has also made her unique name as a contributor to some of the most prominent media companies like Forbes, Newsweek, and Fast Company.

With so many years of experience in the vast world of digital media and communications, Karolina Hobson is driven by her vision to help all her clients with incredible business marketing strategies and techniques that can help them get to the next level. For her passion for helping businesses with marketing and contributing to their overall business development and holistic well-being, Karolina Hobson decided to write a book titled “T.H.I.N., Rich, and Happy” that could be beneficial for growing their businesses and themselves as individuals.

T.H.I.N is an acronym for Tribe, Health, Intuition and Network, where Karolina Hobson, as the author, explains how people can trust their tribe, invest in their health, both mental and physical, develop their intuition and grow their network for ultimately growing their business. T.H.I.N., Rich, and Happy by Karolina Hobson will soon be launched in January 2022, and it is all about explaining to people how investing in their personal development is essential and how they must fearlessly take steps towards the success they seek. The foreword of the book has been written by Dr. Greg S. Reid, an award-winning author, film producer and speaker.

It is a book that will broaden the mindsets and perspectives of people for the better. To know more, follow her on Instagram @karolinahobson or connect with her on LinkedIn –

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