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Artful Pivot with Joshua Gutierrez

Read about J.Gutiart and his plans with the NFT Market.

The customarily subdued art world is suddenly buzzing about Joshua Gutierrez, an exciting artist who seamlessly combines the opposed fine art and graffiti worlds. Gutierrez is a classically trained artist who studied at Georgian Court University, where his focus was primarily on landscape painting. The New Jersy based artist, who is also a proud husband and father, found his artistic style changing drastically during the pandemic. Feeling the need to infuse positivity and light into the bleak situation, Gutierrez began to explore his love of abstract art with creatively significant results. His distinctive style can best be described as Urban Street Abstract Art, although no one label can completely capture his genius and unique twist on a trending art form.

Following in the trailblazing footsteps of Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat, Warhol, and Banksy, Josh comingles pop culture and humor into his vibrant multimedia pieces. Josh uses both spray paint and acrylics to achieve works that are layered and full of life. Gutierrez often focuses on iconic subjects ranging from The Sopranos to Gucci and even Disney. His works are often peppered with cheeky words and phrases, creating a visual narrative for the eyes, the psyche, and a connection to cultural trends. Each piece that Gutierrez creates is original. He often works for hand in hand with clients who commission him to create works specifically tailored to their aesthetics, desires, and interests, like the recent Dallas Cowboys piece. This unique process makes his art more inclusive and less intimidating to prospective buyers.

On the cutting edge of the trending NFT markets and space, Gutierrez has recently been in talks with another family man and marketing guru, Alex Mamutin. Mamutin, a New York native, is the owner of Branded Book, a fearlessly creative full-service marketing agency that has been aggressively getting into the NFT Marketing Space. The passionate duo plan to branch out into the exciting, new world of artistic NFT’s where they can take both of their passion in their relative fortes to create a magical collection and they do not plan to stop at one. These Non-Fungible Tokens are digital assets that can be bought and sold online and represent objects, in this case, original artworks by Gutierrez. Each collection has some hidden gem or twist. The NFT market is poised to be the next big trend in the art community, and these two Eastcoast boys are planning to make some noise. With so many ways to enjoy his genre-bending works of art infused with humour and a cultural narrative, Joshua Gutierrez is poised to become a leading artistic figure in these unprecedented times.

Published by Branded Book

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