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“Are You Noble?” or “You Like Utility?”

Have you always believed there should be a crown on your head? Do you feel as if royal blood runs through your veins? Do you genuinely think you have what it takes to be noble? Well, my friend, look no further!

​We are The Scotch Noblemen, a 10k generative Ethereum collection with unique utility and an inclusive & loving community. Starting as a napkin sketch by our founder, Willtheconqueror, we are making tracks to be the next hot item in the NFT scene! The team recognizes the quickly changing landscape of the Web3 space, and we are planning accordingly and thinking long term. Did I mention the possibility of a lucrative passive income opportunity? What are we based on? The idea for the Scotch Noblemen was born from our founder’s love of shows like Downton Abbey and The Crown, mixed with his respect and admiration of The Highland Games. The Highland Games are a series of events that have been played for literally thousands of years. These events include heavyweight athletics like the Caber-Toss, The Stone-Put, and the Hammer-Throw, but they also include track events, dance competitions, and even a bake-off!

What is our utility? Since our Noblemen live on an ERC-721A contract, the option for staking is built into our code. Holders will be able to stake their Noblemen for ERC-20 tokens; with these tokens, community members can access and participate in our sports betting game. The game itself is the other half of our tokenized utility; those waging coins will be able to choose which of the Highland Games they are interested in, then put coins down on what participant they believe is going to win. An example would be: a holder chooses to try his luck with the Tug o’ War, so he goes and places his wages on the team color that is most likely to lose. If they end up losing, he forfeits his coins, but if they end up winning because he chose the underdog team, his payout is much higher than if he went with the team that was thought to win.

What are we working on now? At this current point, we are focusing on fully fleshing out the code for the sports betting game; it is our priority that everything is in tip-top shape before we launch it post-mint. We also focus a lot of our energy on the community through giveaways, collaborations with Ethereum and Polygon projects, weekly twitter spaces, and random but often Discord voice chat hangouts. In the background, we are making tracks on our second collection, The Scotch Noblewomen, and looking into purchasing metaverse land!
​So once again, I will ask, do you think you can carry the crown’s weight on your head? Do you have what it takes to be the Noble in your family? I look forward to seeing you on Discord!

Published by Alex Mamutin
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