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Always Look to Dream and Seek the Unknown, to look for What is Beautiful is its Own Reward, a Man’s Reach Should Always Exceed His Grasp

A former British Green Beret, Royal Marines Commando, 

A cold weather warfare survival instructor, 

Armed Private Security Operator protecting vessels from pirate attack/ hijack off the coast of Somalia,

And currently a bodyguard within Iraq. 

Danny Lomas has certainly had a deeply interesting life so far. 

His thirst for life has pushed him to combine two of his passions, travelling and adventure motorcycles to create;

“Danny Lomas Explores” 

An online blog and YouTube channel with one very specific aim…. 

He says:“I want to explore every hidden corner of this beautiful planet regardless of danger or risk. I want to see it all and experience life in its entirety, to experience all cultures, exotic customs, deep solitude and the raw unaltered wilderness. Life is unimaginably short, so why spend even one second unhappy? Take risks, face fears, say yes more and in doing so you will learn more about who you truly are”. 

After nearly two decades of constant travelling from the humid jungles of Brunei to Northern Mountains of Norway within the Arctic Circle, to the stunning but volatile poppy fields of Southern Afghanistan, Egyptian Deserts, small exotic islands such as Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles, Thailand and Mauritius and large scale cities such as Moscow, Berlin, Madrid are to only name a few destinations. 

He believes the more you see the bigger the world gets…..and absolutely does not believe in long term planning. 

Some of the most beautiful places you will experience accidentally, whether it’s a local suggestion or recommendation but nonetheless the world has a habit of catching you off guard, so it’s better to approach a genuine experience with an open mentality aiming in a rough direction rather than a planned destination.”

At the moment the world is still struggling with Covid 19 and all nations have different requirements in terms of entry visas…… rules in country and intermittent lockdowns so for now the idea is to show his own backyard (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.)
The UK has a spectacular lush landscape with vibrant colours and ancient landmarks with a complex history. 

Currently the UK is recovering increasingly well from Covid 19 which means there is relative freedom of movement. So between now and a deeper international recovery Danny plans to record his travels exploring his land closer to home. 

Take a look at his website and YouTube channel to join the adventure. Follow and subscribe to see more of his crazy, interesting, fulfilling adventures. 

Gonna be one hell of a ride!

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