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When Talent Meets Hardwork

Marvin Valet

Dreams Turning into Reality

Meet Marvin, one of the biggest influencers of the new era, creator started in 2018 has accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers on the internet at the moment of this article, and due to his talent in marketing managed to be verified on Instagram as well as other platforms without any agency backing him, making him one of the most versatile entertainer out there, multi-talented, his brand is one of the most recognizable out there with a unique street style flair to it, his dancing, heartfelt personality, and recognizable voice makes him one of the most newcomers in this era of the entertainment industry to keep an eye, on, definitely one of those with actual talent, a definition of when talent and a genius business sense comes in a collision. At 22 years old, Marvin has created a strong brand and moved his Mom out of KC.

His merch-inspired clothing line, a hybrid between musician merch and legitimate desire in the world of Designers, Kcmbb showing off his knowledge of the pop culture surrounding him and his connection to the Hip Hop culture A mix and variety of popular thinking into modern culture.
The young Legend has certainly more to his pocket than he lets it seem and more projects for us to come before the end of the summer as well as before the end of the year with press releases coming from Branded Book and other Media outlets catching on be sure to follow him here:
Maybe not an industry plant, he managed to get himself through the competition by forming solid links and being one of the most relevant new figures between the music industry and the overall entertainment industry.

He and his collective kcmbb, kcmbbod are the sound, the heart, of their hometown, Montreal, Canada. The acronym stands for “Kid (iz) Cool Modest Big Brains,” often just referred to as kc (kid iz cool) or pronounciated often as just “cool kidz” and is made off Marvin and many local artists and friends of the singer. Olympic skateboarder and friend Andy Anderso can often be seen shared among the content that Marvin shared up to date on his Instagram page @marvinvalet, and the same can be seen on his brand’s @kcmbbod where the clothing of the brand is more exposed.

Originally from Haiti, he moved to Montreal at the age of 4 with his mother to join his father there. They were later almost left near poverty when the ladder left the two after a failed relationship with the mother. Over the years, music became his gateway as he felt the need to excel at something and his talents as a musician.

Marvin Valet

On a lighter note, we, his marvineers and marvinites (his self-named fanbase), consider him to have one of the best voices of a generation; with all of this, we’re excited to hear and listen to his following projects!

Published by Branded Book
Alex Mamutin

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