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Veronica Figueroa Paved her Own Way into Real Estate, and Now She’s Helping Others Too

Veronica Figueroa broke the molds of her life circumstances. She grew up in a challenging environment, as her father was in the military and she was constantly moving. She frequently needed to adapt and change so she took to observing her mother who embraced the changes. Her mother was an entrepreneur, and Figueroa has followed in her footsteps. 

“I witnessed entrepreneurship from a young age and watched how my mom brought her passion for diversity and women’s leadership into her business. She created opportunities for others. My parents taught me that it was ok to be different and bold.” Veronica Figueroa said. Different and bold is what you get with Figueroa. She is the team lead of a nationally recognized real estate team, the Fig Team. Her team totaled over 350 million dollars in sales in 2021.

Like her mother, she is a strong leader and has brought women’s leadership and diversity to the Fig Team. Figueroa’s team is made up of over 50 people, many of whom are women and people of color. She also coaches and mentors the folks on her team and other budding real estate agents. Figueroa’s achievements are admirable. 

She has accomplished so much since starting her business in real estate. She is on the Zillow Advisory Board and has been named Inman Influencer. (Inman 100 “recognizes real estate industry leaders whose ingenuity, strength, conviction, power, and persistence are driving change.”) Additionally, she has won major real estate industry awards and she’s sought after for her leadership skills and expertise. She speaks on an international level about various topics including leading real estate teams, online lead generation, and the future of real estate. She’s truly paving the way for others. 

Figueroa can do it because of her mindset. “I pride myself in being my most authentic self. I am a strategic visionary always playing offense and [I’m] obsessed with the journey of self-improvement and mastering focus. Since I don’t focus on the competition… I am only focused on myself being my competition.” Figueroa said. Veronica Figueroa plans to complete a book soon and she’s launching courses for real estate agents. Figueroa is also working on an international growth plan for global agents. 

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