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Vanita Lee-Tatum achieves success as a top-notch business consultant and helps businesses thrive.

She’s empowering women of color to create financial growth through entrepreneurship.

It is fascinating to observe individuals and professionals who go above and beyond to achieve their desired momentum and excellence in their respective industries. A few women entrepreneurs, in particular, have been steadily advancing in the business world and demonstrating their A-game in achieving success. We hear a lot of business and brand success stories. However, it’s time to learn more about the driving forces behind them. To learn about the entrepreneurs and teams who, as business consultants, propel businesses to the next level of success through innovative business strategies and methods. One name that has been circulating as a top business consultant and entrepreneur is Vanita Lee-Tatum.

Who is Vanita Lee-Tatum, you ask? This passionate lady and business professional, from Oakland California, has been acing the business world as she has the art world as a visual artist. 

She is more than what meets the eye. Vanita Lee-Tatum has advanced in the business consulting field while balancing her responsibilities as a mother at home. By combining her years of industry experience with creative thinking to provide knowledge, information and resources to propel clients to elevated levels of success. Vanita Lee-Tatum today is widely regarded as the premier business consultant for small business entrepreneurs. 

From achieving astounding success as a leading business consultant to helping businesses thrive. She also specializes in helping multinational entrepreneurs, prominent financial institutions, and community organizations to achieve sustainable growth. Altogether, working as an entrepreneurship educator, small business developer and also visual artist. Vanita initially spent the first decade of her career in banking, driving initiatives for small businesses in the Bay Area, assisting them in achieving financial growth.

Over the years, Vanita Lee-Tatum has garnered an abundance of clients that entrust her with optimizing their business growth and teaching them superior business development skills. While also supporting the formation of rewarding partnerships. Her consulting business offers a long list of services, including business consulting, mentorship and coaching, and entrepreneurship training, amongst others. 

Vanita Lee-Tatum serves as an inspiration to many other powerful women in business. 

To find out more, visit her website, or follow her on Instagram @vanitaleetatum 

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