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Trump’s bid to overturn the election, dismissed by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court granted thousands of ballots to be counted; The Electoral College set, to verify Biden as the next President.

Key points:

1. Trump’s hope of stopping thousands of ballots, quashed by the Supreme Court.

2. Trump’s claims of electoral fraud in key battleground states are, in a way, over.

3. Biden’s win will be convened by the Electoral College in 2 days.

The Supreme Court puts the final nail on Trump’s exit:

The Supreme Court on Friday rejected a bid from Texas‘ lawyer widespread — supported by President Donald Trump — to dam the ballots of hundreds of thousands of citizens in battleground states that went in prefer of President-opt for Joe Biden.

Supreme Court’s decision leaves Trump with no option but to transfer power to Biden:

The courtroom docket’s order, issued without public dissent, to disregard the undertaking is the most powerful indication but that Trump has no hazard of overturning election outcomes in courtroom docket, and that even the justices whom he positioned there haven’t any hobby in permitting his determined prison bids to continue. The Electoral College will convene Monday to verify Biden’s win.

US Supreme Court rejects Trump's lawsuit to overturn presidential election  results | World News – India TV

Trump has rallied his lawyers to help him overturn election results in battleground states:

Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General, a staunch Trump ally, delivered the lawsuit seeking to sue Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin — which all went for Biden — and invalidate their election outcomes. And this week, together along with his alternatives narrowing, Trump, observed through the help of numerous Republican lawyers widespread and GOP lawmakers, cranked up the stress to have the Supreme Court weigh in.

Supreme Court didn’t offer a vote count, but stated that there was no dissent:

The courtroom docket’s order Friday night-time changed into unsigned, and the courtroom docket did now no longer offer a vote count; however, there had been no dissents to the order made public. In its quick order, the courtroom docket stated that Texas had now no longer tested that it had the prison proper to convey the in shape as it had now no longer tested a judicially cognizable hobby withinside the way wherein any other State conducts its elections.

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