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Trump should pardon Julian Assange before leaving the White House, urges Australian MP.

Australian MP accused the Barack Obama administration of targeting Assange for exposing Hillary Clinton.

Key points:

1. Donald Trump urged to pardon Julian Assange, by Australian MP.

2. George Christensen alleged Democrats of targeting Julian Assange for exposing Hillary Clinton.

3. Australian PM hopes that Trump will do the right thing, by pardoning Julian Assange.

Trump should pardon Julian Assange, says George Christensen: 

It is now unclear that the outgoing US President Donald Trump has best a month left withinside the White House after Joe Biden registered an ancient win withinside the recently-conducted US elections. To make the pleasant of his ultimate month withinside the Oval Office, an Australian MP George Christensen has requested the outgoing President to make use of his time and pardon the infamous WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Barack Obama’s administration targeted Julian Assange for exposing Hillary Clinton, alleges Australian MP:

George Christensen is an Australian MP who has now commenced a marketing campaign to shop his fellow Australian citizen who has been charged for publishing labeled fabric and faces a jail sentence for nearly a hundred seventy-five years. Christensen alleged the Democrats, in particular the Barack Obama administration, of targetting Assange for “exposing” Hillary Clinton. He also reiterated President-elect Joe Biden’s words, of deeming Assange as a hi-tech terrorist.

How Assange Turned WikiLeaks Into Trump's Best Friend

Australian MP says that Trump could stand up for free speech by pardoning Julian Assange:

Urging Trump to poke the deep kingdom withinside the eye, he stated pardoning Assange will be “one manner that Donald Trump can rise for free speech. Showing self-assurance withinside the United States’ Constitution, he stated he hopes Trump will see pardoning Assange as the proper aspect to do. Assange, proper now, is detained withinside the UK’s Belmarsh Prison expecting a very last choice on his extradition to the United States.

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