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Tina Sadri Uses her Experience with Mental Illness as a Motivator to Teach and Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Mental health awareness is surging through society. It’s a good thing because most of us will experience or already have experienced a mental illness–whether it was us personally, or someone close to us. Tina Sadri is using her experience as a motivator to do good. 

Tina Sadri is many things. She is a Digital Creator or social media Influencer. She’s also a licensed psychotherapist and loves fashion. She has worked extensively in family and marriage counseling. She’s written a book and another is on the way. Sadri even has her own line of luxury eyewear called Sadri Sunglams. She’s doing a lot and showing it all off on her Instagram. 

She’s doing it for a good reason. Tina Sadri experienced intense postpartum depression after having her second child. It was an enlightening experience, giving her a new understanding of her clients. She found herself much more empathetic and less judgemental. She made a vow to herself when she was going through this depression to live her best life and she wanted to help others, too: “My main motivation is to show and teach others how to live their best life and to spread awareness around the mental health stigma.” Sadri said about why she started her Instagram page. 

She wants to help promote balance on social media. Too often we see only one side to people on social media. Oftentimes, it’s for business. People get confused when they see more than one thing–but this also leads to viewers feeling bad about themselves. It also seems fake because we can’t get the whole picture of a person. Sadri often hears that she should choose one and go with that on her Instagram, but she disagrees. “I can’t take one. I am all of it together.” Sadri said. In her book, #Obsession: Freeing Yourself from Social Media Disorder Sadri explains how to use social media to your advantage rather than get abused by it. 

Her hard work is paying off. Tina Sadri has over 300K followers on Instagram. She’s written for magazines and has been featured on the cover of Parenting OC magazine as a positive influencer. She’s also working on her second book which should be released this year. Tina Sadri is a true entrepreneur, making a living out of living her authentic, whole self.

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