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The Way Zara Runs


Zara is a well-known brand dominating the fashion industry in no other way. The favourite of both men and women, Zara has around 2000+ stores all around the world.

Zara, like any other brand, was not as it is now in the beginning. The first Zara store was first inaugurated in 1975 by Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera in Spain. They wanted to name their store, Zorba after the film name, Zorba. However, there was already a name of a bar on the same street where they wanted to open the store. Therefore, they settled for the name Zara.

The original store or the first store of Zara used to sell low-cost knockoffs of well-known and expensive brands. However, in the next eight years, Zara stores gained popularity among Spanish customers which led Ortega to open more outlets throughout Spain.

Zara continued making expansion in the worldwide markets. In the next decade, the Zara stores could be seen in Portugal, New York, Paris, Mexico, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Malta, Cyprus, Norway, and Israel. Currently, Zara has stores in around 96 countries in all the major cities. According to Forbes magazine, Amancio Ortega – the founder of Zara, is the world’s sixth-richest man.

Zara’s Marketing Strategy

In 2019, Zara was ranked 29th among the finest global brands by global brand consultant Interbrand. The most successful attribute of Zara’s survival and expansion has been to keep up with the advanced trends of fashion and incorporating them into its collections. Zara has been able to fix the vacuum existing in the apparel market and has been able to address it very well.

Zara keeps a close watch on how people are perceiving the fashion in current times and has been designing its clothes and other products accordingly. This has given the customers exactly what they want and Zara, an undeniable success. Zara, unlike other brands, has been able to adapt to new fashion trends within a week or so, adding value to the lifestyle of its customers.

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