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The Passion Behind Lois Downward’s Ongoing World Travels

After Lois graduated with her business degree in England, she traveled to see the world before starting her career. Three years and a pandemic later, she is still traveling. Lois had to make things work for her while traveling, she has grown a great skill of searching for opportunities and living comfortably during such uncertain times on the other side of the world in NZ.

Lois spends a lot of her time building a brand for herself and focusing on a healthy lifestyle that keeps her on her toes and develops her knowledge every day. Lois focuses on providing a comfortable life for herself, so she can travel, train and get creative wherever she is in the world. Lois enjoys encouraging people to travel; she uses her platforms to highlight personal growth and benefits. She likes to show off the free-spirited world of backpacking while making money comfortably by investing, creating online companies, and grinding hard so that she can have the life she does. Her social media is used to show the wonders of the world, encourage her followers to live a healthy, active lifestyle, give tips workouts, and show how to have an overall healthy mindset in their day-to-day lives. She also shares lots of knowledge on things she is passionate about and something that that world becomes interested in, offering her followers the likes of NFT’s, cryptocurrency, etc. She enjoys helping people out with getting their brands and businesses out into the world and uses her worldwide following to increase their brands reach.

Lois is a driven and hardworking individual, so inspiring her followers is necessary. Lois is always committed to taking it all the way, whether it is in the gym, learning new sports, languages, or a new skill. Due to this, she is confident within herself and always tries to influence her followers to be the same. Her modeling emphasizes this, and Lois’s goal is to take her modeling further and bring a message to young girls about how they should love the women they are becoming, how they shouldn’t settle for less than they deserve, and know themselves worth. Lois has big plans for her modeling and cannot wait to see where this takes her.

Working on yourself never ends, but Lois thinks that people forget to enjoy the journey along the way. Learning new skills, starting new commitments, creating a new routine should be exciting, fresh, and enjoyable! Lois enjoys her travel and loves to help others- this leads to the vision for growing her social media following. Lois makes weekly and monthly plans for her social media to plan her strategies and explore new avenues along the way. The social media world can be overwhelming and does require a lot of time if you aren’t careful with time management. She then devotes her attention to social media, digital designing, and modeling between a full-time job, kickboxing training, the gym, night school to learn mandarin, and a little bit of personal training. Time management is definitely required in her weekly schedule. Lois interacts with sports clothing companies, bikini brands, travel accounts, NFT collections, and entrepreneurs on Instagram. This, in turn, sparks collaborations due to their values and interests aligning.

Lois says she wakes up feeling strong, confident, and committed to her daily goals. She strives for success, and if traveling has taught her one thing, it is that the world is her oyster. Lois lives by the quote, “Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.”
Follow her exciting journey!

Published by Alex Mamutin
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