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The Leverage Way: How Solomon Lacy Helps Entrepreneurs Scale With Financial Literacy 

Whether through personal savings or the use of investors, every businessman and woman knows that in order to start a business, you will need funding.

You ever watch an episode of Shark Tank? In walks a bright-eyed entrepreneur to pitch their business brand or concept to a group of wealthy business investors. Many leave with no deal, while others, though funded, walk away with way less ownership and now an outsider with opinions on how they need to run their business. The use of investor funds in exchange for part ownership and profits of your business is one very traditional way to acquire funding. But, if you’re looking for that same capital while not giving up control or a percentage of your business and profits, Leverage Over Everything program has amazing alternatives for you.

Who is Solomon Lacy?

The founder and owner of Leverage Over Everything, Solomon Lacy III specializes in securing capital to help fund, run, and scale start-ups.

Lacy is a bright young talent known for his sound business skills. He is a financial guru who is helping top moguls and companies across many industries leverage debt to grow their businesses. You might be saying that’s not possible. Well, this guy is indeed a genius and he has fostered some key relationships with private lenders and banks to assist his clients in whatever capacity they need. Lacy said his growing professional network and relationship building skills are key. Even more important than the how-to because one introduction can get client ahead 2 years in one call. The key to connecting people is magnifying mutual needs which Lacy has mastered. Most successful people have gotten there off there own grit and grind and missed a lot of key relationships to ease their climb my job is to merge those relationships. Lacy has established a reputation of creating innovative ways to acquire funding, going above and beyond for his clients, and always providing elite customer service and support.

Be Solution Focused

He knows that every business owner needs capital for various needs, like expanding, buying and storing product, marketing, advertising, and more importantly maintaining payroll. Lacy has made it his mission to help his clients keep their cash and scale by using OPM. OPM, “other peoples money”, come in forms of credit cards, lines of credit, bank and private loans. These type of funding do not require you to deal with another persons say in your business.

So, unlike all the other credit gurus out there, Lacy doesn’t just fix credit; he helps business owners and entrepreneurs to grow and maintain their businesses with innovative alternatives tailored to their specific current and foreseeable needs.

Many today can appreciate his work and how he is able to fix complex problems related to money. Lacy is doing his best to help the industry grow better with these same credit and business strategies. He knows that his purpose in life is not solely about his personal growth and achievements, but rather about the success of others and helping people around the globe who are stuck surviving and not living.

You can Follow Him on Instagram : @solomonlayciii

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