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The Kids Fashion Brand Taking The World By Storm: Wolfie Kids

If you aren’t already aware of Wolfie Kids, it won’t be long until this brand is stocked in most kids fashion stores around the world. Their motto ‘born to lead the pack’ is certainly relevant to their rapid growth in the industry, already competing with the likes of Janie and Jack, H&M Kids, Zara Kids and Jamie Kay. 

What separates Wolfie from the rest of the pack, however, is their unique style and dedicated customer service team which is certainly changing the landscape for online kids boutiques. This, along with their adorable minimalist pieces are designed with eco-friendly materials such as naturally soft cotton and linen for sensitive skin, which have that stretchy finishing touch for growing children. Wolfie strives for a “Wear, play, wash, repeat” lifestyle and the clothes are specifically designed to have life in them for hand me downs (the youngest child will actually thank you!) or donated with intention.   

The founders and creatives behind Wolfie Kids, Izzak Morris and Jasmine Morris, are an Australian brother and sister duo who value quality and longevity in kids items, themselves being brought up in a family that passed down special items through generations. Wolfie was launched when Jasmine fell pregnant with her first child, Wolfie started with newborn essentials and now caters for newborns to 8 years. 

Growing to almost half a million followers on Instagram in just one year, Wolfie Kids ( has their loyal customers to thank. A quick google search or view of their website shows just how much their customers rave about their ‘Wolfie goodies’, from photos of their smiling kids in great quality items to personal feedback about their connections with Wolfie team members, Wolfie is striving in all facets of the business. To be solely an online store in 2021 with that many positive reviews, we take our hats off to them. 

But what has really been the turning point for Wolfie Kids was the introduction of their popular ambassador program. In this program, parents are empowered to showcase the reality of parenthood, connect with other parents through their exclusive Facebook group ‘Wolfie Parents’, and learn tips and tricks on how to land bigger brand collaborations and grow their online presence. The ambassador program also provides an opportunity for Wolfie Parents to earn an income with Wolfie just by repping their clothes and recommending this cute brand to other parents. Some ambassadors are reportedly making over $1,000 USD per month and have grown their Instagram following by 2,500+ since joining the team. In fact, some original Wolfie Kids parents have been inspired by Wolfie to start their own small online business, now stocking popular Wolfie Kids items with low MOQs. The best thing about Wolfie Kids is their inclusivity and exposure of minority groups around the world, always striving to showcase diversity and encourage acceptance. 

From eco-friendly fibres to green packaging and shipping methods, Wolfie Kids really is a breath of fresh air with their transparent practices and has taken great steps in improving the sustainability of their business. They pride themselves on reducing plastic with soft, reusable cotton bags and having paperless offices. Wolfie Kids has partnered with International sustainability brand CarbonClick in a bid to offset their carbon emissions on each shipment. They are working with registered charities like Women’s Community Shelters in Australia to give a second life to their returned or slightly faulty items, and also empowering women and kids that have gone through hard times. Not to mention, for designs that don’t make it online or pieces that Wolfie Kids discontinue they donate these along with other essentials to communities. In 2019, Izzak and Jasmine made a trip to Dumagetti Girls orphanage in the Philippines. While COVID-19 paused their mission trip in 2020, this year the duo intend to venture to remote Indigienous communities in Australia with Groote Island at the top of their list. It’s great to see a brand that is constantly evaluating all outputs of their business to see where they can improve, but also make a difference. 

So what is the future of Wolfie Kids? Well, they’re striving to be an even kinder brand in the future, with goals to allocate a greater budget for sustainable sources for fabrics, purely work with organic and recycled fabrics and completely cut out plastic and polyester materials from the supply chain. They’re hoping to collaborate with independent artists to expand their design collections, and scale their wholesale side of the business so everyone around the world can enjoy Wolfie clothing. And did I mention they have started to branch out into a women’s line as well? Hello new wardrobe…

Well done Wolfie Kids; you have our big tick of approval.

See more about Wolfie Kids at or on their Instagram

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