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Scott Roseman, the owner of SMR Enterprises & more.

The long-term success story of Scott Roseman and his ventures.

Scott Roseman is a successful entrepreneur for as long as he can remember. This motivated businessman is currently engaged in Event Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Building Next Level Brands, & Overall Business Generation. His Company SMR Enterprises was founded in 2008 and is achieving great buzz and success for the last 14 years. Aside from running his own companies, he is also very involved in the investment world and offers excellent knowledge to all of his surrounding networks. Scott is the partner of multiple successful brands ranging from different niches.

He launched another unique brand called Delray CryptoCurrency Conference & Networking with his partner and team. This brand focuses on gathering successful entrepreneurs & speakers to spread knowledgeable information about the CryptoCurrency World to everyone who attends. We specialize in building vendor relationships/partnerships for this event so everyone can participate in spreading business expertise in their specific industry. We genuinely enjoy getting eager, intriguing & motivating individuals altogether to pass along valued information & network different ideas amongst each other. We offer our event to anyone & everyone because all people have the opportunity to share their knowledge & business ideas.

Scott is passionate about fitness and is also the partner of his amazing girlfriend Cristina Laboy, a Fitness Role Model & Sales Executive. Cristina and him also work hand in hand with our passion for fitness to inspire others to take the next level in business and their health goals.

His company SMR Enterprises has taken multiple venues and projects & helped bring them to ultimate success. The company’s goals are to focus on its marketing skill and build long-term relationships with its clients. He likes to see long-term success with all brands & ventures his team gets behind.

In a more heroic act, Scott has gained the plaque from the Mayor of Pompano for his involvement in saving a man’s life trapped underwater in his vehicle.

He was awarded the Official LIFE-SAVING AWARD plaque for saving a crucial life.

All I can say is he truly enjoys trying to conquer it all but is most happy when he sees his fellow peers and associates accomplish their goals in life. His primary focuses will always be on family, building business: brands, having a fitness lifestyle & genuinely working hard to do what he can to make everyone and anyone more successful.

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