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Rosa L. Antonini wants people to lay a strong foundation for themselves through her book, “The Zero-Sum Game of You.”

People need the right kind of motivation to move ahead in life, the reason I have penned some inspiration through my writings, says the author.

There have been many individuals we have heard of in the past as well as present who have dedicated a part of their lives for the benefit of humankind. They have nonchalantly worked behind the scenes to create a wonderful world for others through their distinct endeavors. We have one such name in front of us who has worked on the same lines, she is Rosa L. Antonini, the author of the book “The Zero-Sum Game of You.” Through the book, she has tried to help people build a strong foundation for themselves that helps them tide through the rough times that life offers. It dwells on the subject of self-help as she has drawn her life’s experiences and inspiration through the contents of this book, which has been widely acclaimed.

The book released on the 7th of December 2021, and has since drawn much attention from all quarters. She is happy that readers have appreciated her work, which has proved to be beneficial for many who are trying to balance out their lives and fight it out. Rosa says that there’s a lot of inspiration and love for humanity which has pushed her to turn to writing, as this is not her forte and becoming an author was not in the scheme of things earlier. Now that the book has garnered tremendous response, she wants to go forward and write on more meaningful subjects which would help humanity. She also plans to donate 60% of the books proceeds for programs which benefit youngsters in setting up their careers. Talking more about the book, she says, “This book will enable the readers to see their lives as spectators.  This way, they will be better equipped to make decisions and own their outcome while increasing their life’s fulfilment.”

Rosa comes from a family who have never studied high school all they ever knew is basic reading, writing also not clear but enough to do calculations. They worked really hard and managed to educate their children. She is the first from the generation to have attended college, completing her studies as a pharmacist in the Dominican Republic. She also did her master in information systems in the US after doing her software engineering. The book has various examples from her educative years from metaphysics and software engineering, which would help many attain self-fulfillment, happiness and success.

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