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People are going crazy with the newest trend in town, #LuckyWalkDanceChallenge, by Young Grey.

lucky walk.

Young Grey created his movement inspired by the “Lucky Walk” that went viral. Things have changed a lot, especially from the past few years, all thanks to the consistent development and growth industries and the world as a whole is seeing due to the digital wave. This digital wave has changed the game of social media for the better, so much so that many people and professionals have built their careers on the same and are thriving like never before. Social media has given so much presence and prominence to things, people, brands and businesses that today more than just being platforms for socializing, it has grown into full-fledged industries, providing various opportunities for everyone to grow and flourish in their careers. Optimizing these opportunities and tools available, Young Grey of “‘GreyLyfe Entertainment” has come forward to discover promising talents and individuals and give them a chance they truly deserve to showcase their talents to the world by supporting and promoting them.

GreyLyfe Entertainment by Young Grey is a modern-day Nashville-based hip hop label, publishing, and management company and a lifestyle brand that has always believed in supporting new talent. This time too, Young Grey came forward to support a new TikTok dance craze and trend, which has been started by his homie Lucky Banks. He aims to bring the hottest new talent and music to the forefront. Recently, French Montana teamed up with fellow BX native and lite feet dancer Lucky Banks for the song titled “FWMGAB” for the choreography and music video and a particular dance step known as the Lucky Walk went viral and became a craze, especially amongst the youth. Young Grey grabbed this opportunity to keep the wave going and dropped a Lucky Walk inspired single and dance challenge.

“Ride A Hoe” was the single Young Grey, and Lucky Banks had teamed up for the first time in 2020. This song helped the latter won a cash prize, and the song also made a record-breaking 12K+ presaves on Spotify, even before it was dropped. Young Grey’s newest single ‘Lucky Walk’ can just make people lucky as he created a movement and trend of #LuckyWalkDanceChallenge around the song, in which people can join the dance challenge to win cash prizes.

To support and promote diverse talent, Young Grey came up with his unique challenge and now encourages everyone to post their videos doing the Lucky Walk with the hashtags #Greylyfe & #LuckyWalkDanceChallenge. On 23rd July 2021, he would be picking 5 dancers to win $500. To gain more information about the same, follow them on Instagram and TikTok @YoungGrey & @LuckyBanks.

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