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Pam Sowder is a Beacon of Light for Budding Entrepreneurs – She Knows ‘The How’

Entrepreneurship is less about skills and methods and more about believing in yourself and taking action. It’s this mindset that Pam Sowder knows well and helps others with. 

Pam Sowder is the Co-Founder of It Works Global, a direct sales company distributing health and wellness products. She was the chief networking officer for the company before recently selling her shares to focus on other endeavors. She’s the host of the Pam Sowder Podcast which she established in 2018. Most recently, Pam Sowder released Rich Girl Poor Girl– a spin off of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Sowder has 30 years of business and social experience, making her an expert in the field of entrepreneurship. “What makes me unique, I realized early on that you never get it done and that’s a good thing. There’s always more to accomplish,” says Sowder. Most of us think there is an end to the madness, but Pam Sowder solidifies the old adage, “It’s the journey that counts, not the arrival.” 

In Rich Girl Poor Girl, Sowder highlights just how important the journey is: “[Rich Girl Poor Girl is] about the poverty mentality that we all have, the mentality that we are less than. The goal is to rise up out of that poor girl mentality and step into your power and become that rich girl who has that fulfilling life of friendships, fun and freedom. I explain the journey and what that looks like—the obstacles, everything.” Sowder says about her book. 

But it’s never really over, Pam Sowder emphasizes. In fact, it’s not necessarily the money but the continuous growth and development that makes entrepreneurship or creating your own business so worth it, but most people never get to the starting point: taking action. 

“I would travel event to event and I would ask leaders how they got their big paycheck, how do you have this big team, how, how, how, and they would say ‘well I just did it, I got jazzed about it, I got juiced about it,’ but I said there’s got to be more! Where’s the meat to this? I struggled for years with what the answer to that question was and I soon discovered that the how takes care of itself.” Pam Sowder says.

Taking action is scary for most of us because we really want to know how to do something first. We like plans and patterns and strategies. Pam Sowder puts it plainly: “Is ‘the how’ important if you haven’t taken action? Yes, but the most important thing is to just start – become a professional ‘asker’, and decide that ‘I’m going to build this business, and I don’t know how.” Sowder says. 

Rich Girl Poor Girl is a must-read for folks looking to “get jazzed” or pumped for their big business endeavors. It’s also a fresh look at multilevel marketing – an extremely lucrative business process all business owners should take advantage of. 

Pam Sowder knows well just how advantageous multilevel marketing is as she starts her next big move. Currently, she’s working on a project with her daughter in the fashion industry. They’re working on “an app and website-based business that allows folks in the industry to connect with each other and to speed up access to new lines as well as give them the necessary tools to scale their business to tremendous heights.” Sowder says. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as this was all her daughter’s idea. 

Together, the two women are making it happen – yet again for Pam Sowder. She’ll continue her work because for her, it never ends, and that’s where the joy is found. “Have fun. Laugh every day. Feel as though you are not working towards a goal but towards a life that is fulfilled every single day,” she says.

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