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New Film ‘TULIP’ Showcases Role of YouTubers in Spurring the Crypto Craze


There have been significant changes in financial technology, FinTech, over the past few years. The invention of cryptocurrency has revolutionized global business. You no longer have to follow lengthy protocols and pay bank transaction fees to conduct cross-border transactions. And the short film TULIP, directed by Gregory Romein, reminds the world of the role of financial influencers in cryptocurrency.

TULIP is the first movie Gregory has directed. Despite being new in the industry, his work in creating and producing this masterpiece was immense. He has his way of telling the story of the present culture by grabbing people’s attention. Gregory uniquely sparkles cultural conversations and tells the stories behind them captivatingly.

Gregory says that TULIP was his preferred title for the film. It was inspired by the tulip bulb mania during the 17th century, which saw a dramatic increase in the price of tulip bulbs before the market crashed three years later and is regarded as the first asset class in history. He thought TULIP would help to reclaim the association of tulips among the cryptocurrency community. Gregory also added that the film offers more than just one apparent lesson.

TULIP has been a success despite being directed by a new industry player. Gregory was awarded a spot in the Rhode Island International Film Festival as a first-time filmmaker. Even though TULIP was never selected for an award, he still considers the opportunity to be at the festival a remarkable achievement. However, TULIP was selected alongside two other films to win the Best Feature Film and Best First Time Director.

Gregory is the reason behind the success of TULIP. As a first-time filmmaker, he managed to film in a foreign country where people spoke a different language. However, the language barrier did not affect him, and he was able to build strong bonds and trust with his team regardless of the circumstances.

TULIP was not an overnight success. The making of the film faced many challenges, including the lockdown imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Gregory had to change the original script to allow him to reduce the budget of the film. Using 20 characters as initially planned was not viable because of the logistical challenges resulting from Covid filming health and safety restrictions. He was forced to recreate a script that only included one lead actor and two principal actors that only filmed in a few locations.

Gregory also faced the challenge of switching filming locations. Once again, the Covid-19 pandemic was to blame. The setting was supposed to be in Boston, but the producer was stuck in Prague in the Czech Republic. He had to film in Prague, which meant Gregory had to tweak a few aspects of the script to give context. Fortunately, Gregory used his producer’s network in Prague, which made the transition as smooth as possible.

The success of TULIP has ignited a fire in Gregory, who now has even bigger targets he’s aiming to achieve. He dreams of being represented by an agency as a commercial director while developing his screenplays. He wants to continue his career as a director, travel the world, and share his stories with audiences of different backgrounds. He would love to direct his next film in another country and says he will stop at nothing.

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