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“Music is my power, and that’s how I connect with people,” says Divya, aka DMJ Avaz, the enthralling voice behind “Wanna Run.”

Indian -American composer-songwriter based in New York City stands like a winner and a woman of colour in the modern music industry.

Coming from humble family background, little did Divya, now popularly known as DMJ Avaz, know that life would present her with opportunities that could lead her to the front of the music world and precisely what we call the modern music space. Having said that, DMJ Avaz also created opportunities for herself throughout her journey to become the confident recording artist, composer, and Pop lyricist she is today. Her name oozes her love for music, DMJ being her initials, and ‘Avaz’ means ‘voice.’ She believes her life has always revolved around music. Her swift rise in the industry can be attributed to all her songs that have the power to connect deeply with every listener and music lover out there.

Giving all the right chills always through her music as a Malayali-American composer-songwriter and making sure to create gold in the form of music, DMJ Avaz, who trained in Carnatic, Classical, and Celtic Trad, made sure to proudly represent her Kerala (India) roots and the Indian heritage. Her varied experiences along her journey, covering many different genres in music directed toward every music lover, have made people fall in love not just with her musical creations but also with her as an independent and modern artist. From living an ordinary life being born in Saudi Arabia to creating an extraordinary life for herself by trusting her musical talents and skills and consistently honing the same to become the world music vocal artist she is today, based in New York City, she has indeed come a long way.

Music Single: Wanna Run ©  Dmjavaz 
 ℗  Toniface Records 

DMJ Avaz reminisces the time she began as a one-woman army in the field, taking care of every single aspect of her musical career, facing several challenges on her path, but staying determined in her goals and walking her path every single day to create something different, something magical, something that could not just make people know her genius in music, but also make them realize that she was capable of making a positive dent in the music world with her mesmerizing musical art. “I have always been a learner and have always worked around my unique style and vibe in the music, which I believe have helped me evolve as a Pop artist, specializing in world music,” she highlights. She adds, saying, “When music gets created from heart, it effortlessly connects with listeners, and that’s what I work around every day.”

On asking her about her latest release, “Wanna Run,” where she worked with an extremely talented producer Zach Fuller, DMJ Avaz says that this particular track of hers is more special because it shows the hesitance of a person facing gloomy days, being stuck in denial and then facing the music, which also will lead listeners in understanding her vibe, visions, and personality. The electronic dance and Indie-Pop track is all about deeper feelings and different moods, which has what made it a soulful lyrical waltz, Indie-Pop alternative electronic dance pop song.

Photo Credit: A. Lochan @Finding.Dre

Speaking on her inspiration behind the song, DMJ Avaz explains that she had been working around the track for quite some time and brought traces of agitation and melancholy into the form of a melodic track, which could have the power to take listeners into a new world. She says that the ability to connect to people through music is her biggest inspiration. DMJ Avaz is well on her way to inspiring the new generation of young artists out there, who are already spellbound with the vibe she has created through all her songs.

DMJ Avaz (@dmjavaz) aims to create more multi-lingual and multi-stylistic tracks and have the audience get accustomed to the diversity that exists across the world.

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