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Midsummer Skin: Shining bright in the vast skincare niche as a revolutionary neurocosmetic skincare company by a passionate woman, Ericka Dichy.

Understanding her purpose and working with the aim to heal her own damaged skin, Erica constituted Midsummer Skin for helping others with natural and balanced skin ageing support.

Isn’t it surreal to learn about all those people and brands that work with a genuine purpose and the aim to provide value to people? Well, there are tons of businesses across industries and sectors in the world, but only a handful of them go ahead in making it huge. Wonder why? Because instead of only running behind success, they strive to achieve excellence and offer people products or services that can really make a positive difference in their lives. “Midsummer Skin” is one such skincare company that has enthralled the world with not just its robust skincare products but the genuine purpose with which it has been founded by its owner Ericka Dichy.

Midsummer Skin Products

Midsummer Skin has been rising as a revolutionary neurocosmetic skincare company focused on creating and developing cosmeceuticals fully sourced by nature and backed by science. It stands apart from other skincare brands for it focuses on the inception of the skin, the origin of the body, the embryonic state, where the nervous system, integumentary system, and connective tissues all rise from the ectoderm, intimately bonded in the processes of growth and healing.

It is a responsible company, which apart from making non-toxic formulas, consisting of bioactive phytonutrients, botanical stem cells, and carefully curated active ingredients, are committed to the earth using the lean manufacturing approach, minimizing water waste, using organic products and suppliers, and ensuring to not contribute to deforestation. 

Ericka Dichy’s hardships in life and the many struggles she faced due to a dog bite, which made her suffer scars and muscle paralysis on her face, one day made her question her worth and purpose in life. She decided to use everything that happened to her for the good of herself and the world around her, and on a beautiful midsummer evening, her strong resolve to make all the difference in her and in people’s lives helped her build her brand ‘Midsummer Skin’.

Today, Midsummer Skin is spreading its magic all over the industry that truly wants to help people heal, with their magic products infused with magical ingredients like Bioactive phytonutrients, Botanical stem cells, pharmaceutical actives, Active vitamin complexes, Glycolic and other vital acids, Hyaluronic acid, Squalane and Marine phytonutrients. It is a scientifically proven product line, researched by dermatologists, created, developed, and improved in a fully accredited FDA state-of-the-art laboratory. Also, the incredible skincare company utilizes human volunteers for clinical trials as an alternative to animal testing. 

Midsummer Skin is an ingenious idea that a free-spirited and passionate Brazilian woman birthed to help people recover from injuries, age beautifully, have healthier skin more resistant to environmental damage and truly love their skin.

Instagram : @midsummerskin

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