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Meet Komey Tetteh: A Freelance Hedge Fund Manager Setting The Pace

Komey Tetteh
Komey Tetteh

The use of hedge funds in financial portfolios has significantly increased in the last few years, a trend linked to the readily available information on the topic.

More people now understand hedge funds, the different types, and their benefits. Hedge funds offer some worthwhile benefits compared to other traditional investment funds. Hedge funds can generate positive returns in rising and falling markets; they have several investment styles to choose from and are managed by top investment managers, which helps reduce the risks. Hedge fund managers help you reduce the total risk in your portfolios without compromising the return. Komey Tetteh is a freelance hedge fund manager who has cemented his spot in the field with his unique approach setting him apart.

Komey is bridging the wealth gap through disruptive finance. He uses technology to make financial systems more efficient and maximize returns for his clients.                                                                          

Komey has developed an institutional trade gap project where he enables traders to communicate directly with the markets using advanced bridge technology. The institutional trader project uses relationships built over the years in the industry, removing the middleman from trading and giving professional traders direct liquidity terminals, and allowing clients access that was previously only the privilege of the wealthy.

Komey’s experience and diverse background have helped him achieve this. He is a business investor and financial trader with over 10 years of experience. Komey started investing in stocks in 2010.

Komey is not from a financially well-off family. He started living alone when he was 15, which pushed him into the entrepreneurial world at a young age. Komey had to learn how to start making an income, and he had to do it fast. He got a part-time job, working through the night and then going to school during the day. Komey did this for a few years. He was able to get into university all on his own and continued working part-time jobs, which helped him pay the bills and buy basic needs.

Unfortunately, halfway through college Komey lost his job. He was homeless. Komey used to use his university bus pass to sleep inside the bus at night. While he got another job and finished university, Komey realized that real wealth can never be created only with a 9–5 job.

Komey started investing in the stock market and hasn’t looked back since. He is helping others through his tech project by removing the middleman. Hedge funds are generally open to investors with a high minimum net worth/income. This has made it hard for an individual with an average income to invest. By removing the middleman, Komey is giving clients what was previously only the privilege of the wealthy.

Komey Tetteh is giving everyone an opportunity by using the average tools available to produce extraordinary results in the financial markets. He has traded regulated products under the supervision of the top global jurisdictions and highly regulated ASIC (Australian regs) and FCA (UK regs) funds, becoming one of the principal funds they offer. As hedge funds gain in popularity, Komey is redefining the space. He has recently acquired a residence in Dubai, where he aims to expand his global reach with his projects.

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