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Meet Joy Mbanugo, spreading joy in the world of crypto and inspiring women to turn investors in the sector.

The leading finance expert says that more women need to enter the crypto space to take it by storm and create successful careers. 

For years the world has been a witness to the many rising male professionals and entrepreneurs making their mark across almost all industries and even getting celebrated for doing that. Fortunately, things are indeed changing and changing for the good, where more and more women are stepping foot into diverse industries and sectors, even in the financial and Defi realm, rising as crypto investors and entrepreneurs. However, it is also essential to note here that according to a report in 2019, only 4% to 6% of women worked in the blockchain and crypto sectors as developers, investors, and interested professionals.

Speaking on this, a leading finance expert Joy Mbanugo says, “Now is the time for women to step up and show their excellence in the crypto and the blockchain space because they have it in them, and their efforts could contribute heavily to building the next-gen of the financial world.” Joy Mbanugo indeed has emerged as a true-blue financial professional with more than 19 years of experience in tax, audit, financial services, treasury experiences, and business operations, and with her resume, which boasts of Ernst and Young and Blackrock. Not just that, Joy Mbanugo also holds great experience in the startup space and treasured her venture into the field. Adding further about the need for more women investors in crypto, she says, “Over the years, people have seen how men have dominated this relatively new and exciting industry that is all about digital finance and tech. The industry, unfortunately, lacks people of colour and women, leading to huge gaps in diversity. We need to address this issue, and hence women must make the most of the opportunities in the industry to become prominent names.”

Talking about Joy Mbanugo as a crypto investor herself, she started her journey in the sector in 2017, and this year, even began a new chapter in her career as an angel investor. She loves advising startups on finance, accounting and funding. Currently, Joy Mbanugo works on the Cloud Partnership Finance team of Google, responsible for evaluating said partnerships and cross-functional deals. Besides that, she also serves as the Chief Financial Officer at, a non-profit that supports underserved founders in structuring their startups. She has risen to the top as a finance and crypto guru while fulfilling her responsibilities as a loving mother and wife.

Coming back to her journey as a crypto investor, Joy Mbanugo recalls how in 2017 when she jumped into the niche, everything was so new and looked scary and challenging, but she knew that persistence and commitment would lead her way to the top. “I spent more time on the net researching new and established crypto projects and noticed how men were all over the place. This ignited the fire in me more to make my unique niche in the industry,” says Joy. She says she has both a professional and modern side and feels passionate about trends in the financial sector like crypto, blockchain technology, and intelligent automation.

On a parting shot, Joy Mbanugo ( says, “There are innumerable opportunities out there in the financial sector, offered without any gender bias. Hence, women must take the leap of faith and turn into successful crypto investors.”

Follow her on Instagram: @harperji

Connect with her on LinkedIn: Joy Mbanugo

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