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Meet Dr. Manuel Camarena, awakening harmony among men and helping them realize their unique gifts.

He has successfully been bridging the gap between modern psychology and spirituality through his varied services that help men express their authentic selves and lead fulfilling lives.

There are tons of talented beings that the world has been a witness to over the years. Do all these people go ahead in making their mark in their respective industries? Well, a few rare gems have gone beyond boundaries not to seek success and growth for themselves and their brands but to make consistent efforts through their work to spread the good among others and make a positive difference in the lives of others. Doing that and exceeding limits to help men realize their unique gifts within and awaken harmony in them is Dr. Manuel Camarena, aka Dr. Cam.

This passionate guy has risen to the top as a spiritual guide to men who face identity loss and has transformed lives with warrior and healer training. He is, however, more than just being a spiritual teacher and guide and is also a Ritual Master within the Lineage of King Salomon, and among the rare spiritual guides who have been weaving the energies to support men with having greater balance within their life. Through his training, he ensures to shine his light so that people can remember their purpose in life.

Dr. Manuel Camarena mentions how he was always Dr. Cam.about playing sports, overcoming adversity, and bonding with the guys. However, after briefly attending junior college, he enlisted in the United States Navy and went to become a member of the crash and salvage firefighting team. He later did his master’s and doctoral degree studies in Educational Psychology and started investing in his personal development. He was then initiated into a Mystery School and joined the Man of War Society (Brotherhood). Through his journey, he learned the importance of healing past trauma and facing hurdles on-face. These experiences helped him become a greater pillar of light/support for others. 

From being a United States Navy Veteran to becoming a spiritual practitioner at Modern Mystery School, Dr. Cam has truly been able to bridge the gap between modern psychology and spirituality. He passionately works towards helping men discover their true identities to help them live a fulfilled life while expressing their authentic truth.

In the near future, Dr. Manuel Camarena wishes to continue connecting with world leaders and creative innovators, and after becoming a licensed psychologist, his goal is to open a holistic wellness center for men to guide them with awakening their warrior (e.g., discipline, divine will, boundaries) and healer (e.g., having mercy, compassion, beauty, love) within through the school’s healings, teachings, and initiations.

Balancing the two, Dr. Manuel Camarena (@_dr.cam_ ) believes one can master the mind and act with divine willpower, and balancing the three pillars of Kabbalah, which is about  Severity, Balance, and Mercy, he is optimistic that people can build a world of harmony.

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