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Meet Desarae Dee, creating a legacy of her own in the world of music as a highly talented instrumentalist and musician.

This incredible black woman from Canada has achieved tremendously in the music scene and, through her work, offers divinity in music.

We have witnessed so many success stories of the world so far, where most have talked about how men have done exceedingly well in almost all industries. However, it is time to give the limelight to women who are deserving of this attention and respect, so they are represented equally in all industries of the world. Fortunately, the scenario has changed for the better. More and more women have now come to the forefront of varied industries, showcasing their worth and genius; taking their chosen industries to greater success levels like never before. The world of music is filled with many talented beings, among which our attention was caught by a certain musician and instrumentalist, who has given her all since childhood and now has emerged as a rising name in the Canadian music scene; her name is Desarae Dee.

It won’t be wrong to say that Desarae Dee entered the world as a natural-born leader and visionary; born with musical talent within her. Hence, her affinity for music is divine. At the age of six, she was classically trained on the piano and grew up playing gospel and Caribbean-based music in church. The Toronto, Canada-based musical artist today has emerged as one of the finest pianists in the industry. The industry initially overflew with many male talents, but Desarae Dee has changed the music scene with her unparalleled talents in music. She made her official artist debut in 2014 and has been making major waves in the Toronto music scene ever since. Widely known as “Toronto’s Queen of Vibes,” she has an exceptional level of passion, meaning, and creativity in music, that connects deeply with listeners and music lovers.

Desarae Dee, a universally recognized upper-echelon Fusion Pianist, her instrumental music combines a unique mixture of faith, soul, vulnerability, divine balance, combined with her matchless euphoria. During her post secondary journey, she honed her skills in piano, and throughout her time in the music program at York University, she learned and started understanding the theory behind jazz music. She then continued her educational studies at Western University in London, Ontario, to become a licensed educator. Over the years, Desarae Dee had opportunities to learn multiple instruments, but never truly tapped into that skill until taking her production and sound to the next level by utilizing that skill and enhancing her music. From that point, Desarae Dee transitioned from live jazz/gospel to fusion, incorporating multiple genres such as jazz, gospel, neo-soul, R&B, electronic, funk, and trap influences.

May 2020 changed many things for her, as her release, “In Rotation,” reached 1,000 streams on Spotify. She continued gaining massive momentum and streams for her other songs as well, which gave her blog, press, and radio coverage in the United States and worldwide. As a black woman, Desarae Dee had to face several challenges on her path, but her commitment, courage, strong self-belief, and pure love for music helped her make a name for herself as a black woman instrumentalist and musician.

To date, Desarae Dee has been featured on national television, over 30 music blogs, and multiple podcasts, played on numerous radio stations worldwide, and had her music added to several Spotify playlists. She even got featured on a handful of Google new publications, had two successful album release parties, 20 singles, and three project releases over the last eight years. She is also a music content creator with over 150,000 views on TikTok, and a successful cover series called “Cover Tuesdays,” running since 2017 with multiple spin-off series, as well as many collaborations worldwide.

Desarae had to “trust the process and timing of her life,” to propel her to where she is today. Her current music release, “Day 2 Day,” speaks on this. Indeed, Desarae Dee’s music comes with its own vibe of nirvana infused with Toronto’s soul.

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