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Kristen Strout the Vette Babe and so much more!

When Shakespeare said “Thou she be little, she is fierce” he must have to refer to model and entrepreneur Kristen Strout. At only 5’3 Kristen is making big strides in the seemingly divergent worlds of racing, construction, and modeling. The embodiment of a true country girl, Kristen grew up with fast cars, horses, and a kick-ass work ethic.

Kristen is that rare combination of tomboy and beach babe. At just 22 she purchased her first motorcycle, a Kawasaki Ninja 636. At the same time, Kristen started playing in The Lingerie Football League for the Orlando Fantasy, where she was chosen to be the one girl from the team to be both on the official LFL football and in their calendar. Needless to say, Kristen’s career took off. She has become a highly sought-after model, spokesperson, and influencer working for major brands.

As if she weren’t busy enough Kristen decided to add house flipping to her ever-expanding portfolio. A Jill of all trades, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty doing construction. Her company, Down To Flip, renovates and resells homes. On her page, Nizagara, Kristen shares flipping tips and tricks while encouraging others to reach their full potential. Her enthusiasm is as contagious as her motto, “Don’t Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream!”

Kristen never lost that need for speed. As a promo model, she became enthralled with every aspect of racing and was determined to hit the track as a driver herself. After learning about cars, meeting with team owners and pro drivers, her dream became a reality. Thanks to Hubbell Racing, she has able to drive on numerous tracks with pro drivers coaching her in the passenger’s seat. She’s driven multiple cars on multiple tracks and has even tracked her corvette at Homestead and Sebring Raceways. Poised on the brink of yet another successful venture, you can follow Kristen’s racing journey at


Kristen Strout is a classic American success story and burgeoning mega-brand. Branded Book a boutique marketing agency ran by Alex Mamutin with a decade of experience and personal relationships with industry leaders, Branded Book is looking to give Kristen and all her endeavors the boost needed to take things to new and exciting levels.

So be on the lookout for this business-minded babe. Whether she’s flying by in a corvette, or on the pages of a calendar on a construction site, you can be sure Kristen Strout will be living life out loud and looking great while doing so!

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