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Joe Biden says it is time to heal after victory is confirmed.

Joe Biden stated that the US democracy proved how strong and resilient it is; Biden praises those who were bullied, saying it is time to turn a page.

Key points:

1. US electoral college confirms US Presidential election win for Joe Biden.

2. Joe Biden condemns Trump’s efforts to overturn the results without any solid proof of election fraud.

3. Time to heal, says Joe Biden after being confirmed as the new US President.

The US democracy proved to be resilient, says Joe Biden:

Joe Biden has stated it is “time to turn the page” after his presidential election victory became showed with the aid of using the United States electoral university. In a speech after the announcement, he stated the United States democracy was pushed, tested, and threatened and has proved to be resilient, true, and strong.

Trump’s attempts to overturn the US elections, were condemned by Joe Biden:

Biden condemned President Trump‘s tries to overturn the result and stated the will of human beings prevailed. The affirmation became one of the steps required for Mr Biden to take office. Under the United States system, citizens sincerely solid their ballots for “electors”, who in turn, officially vote for applicants weeks after the election. Democrat Joe Biden gained November’s contest with 306 electoral university votes to Republican Donald Trump’s 232.

Now it is time to turn the page, to unite, to heal': Joe Biden as electors confirm  victory

Trump is still refusing to accept the electoral mandate in the US:

President Trump, who suggests no signal of accepting the result, has now no longer commented. Shortly after the electoral university’s vote, he introduced on Twitter the departure of Attorney General William Barr, who had stated there has been no proof of enormous voter fraud withinside the election, no matter the president’s claims.

Security in Georgia and Michigan heightened ahead of the voting:

Speaking in Delaware, Mr Biden praised “normal guys and women” who had refused to be bullied, regarding the president’s efforts to impeach and overturn the results, concerning prison demanding situations that have been rejected with the aid of using courts throughout the country. Heightened protection was installed region in a few states, inclusive of Michigan and Georgia, in advance of voting, which befell in state capitals and Washington DC.

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