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How To Create a Successful Brand, With Designer Elaina Mitchell

Ideas are a dime a dozen, am I right? We all have ideas, but very few act on them…and even fewer PROPERLY execute. There’s an American Epidemic that’s sweeping the Nation, and it’s the rise of fast brands and the ill intentions of CEO’s and Corporations behind those brands, taking advantage of consumers to fill their own pockets.

Designer Elaina Mitchell feels called to put a stop to this disgrace overtaking business today.

She believes that we all have a calling deep inside, for something so much more than what we have now. Physically, emotionally and mentally…we know deep inside that we can do more, be more and achieve so much more. But, a lot of people think that calling is simply for money. And, to Elaina, that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Yes, money helps us achieve more and open more doors. But money should never be the motive behind your business, products or services. Contribution to a bigger picture, providing true VALUE to your consumers, and using your passions and knowledge to truly help others, is what every business should really be about. The problem is, there’s a lot of brave sharks that took the risk to make their ideas a reality. But there are a Million (or more) souls with amazing ideas and inventions that have yet to act on them. So, what’s really holding us back? Designer Elaina Mitchell believes that it’s two very important things:

Lack of understanding of WHY you have this dream in your soul and ideas in your mind, and lack of the right relationships established to help you make this idea a reality, or remind you of it’s possibility.

Elaina Mitchell is a Branding Designer specializing in the psychology behind the effective design. And, she believes that one of her biggest purposes in life is to help YOU create yours, through effective brand design. But more than that, understanding the WHY behind these urges to follow this calling you have, or fulfill this purpose you’ve been given. Because, when you start to understand the WHY behind your calling and these ideas brewing in your head for a business, or a product, or a personal brand, you can start to develop the “how” and the identity this idea should now take.

Everything from your logo design, to your t agline, to your color palette and mission statement…it all should represent and exemplify the purpose behind the brand; how you can HELP someone else.

“The problem I notice with a lot of people that want to start a brand or a create a product, is they think the money they’ll make from the idea is going to fulfill that itch they had to create it. They’re not understanding WHY they’ve been called to create it, so they miss the mark on the way they present the idea to the public.”, says Designer Elaina Mitchell.

 Elaina is on a mission to remind souls around the world, that when you have a dream in your heart and a vision in your mind that you can’t shake; you owe It to yourself, your family’s bloodline, and all future generations, to MAKE IT HAPPEN! And, she believes that she was created to help others understand this calling they’re having, uncover the WHY behind it all, and then help them make the idea a reality with strategic branding design.

 Elaina Mitchell says that, “Good branding starts with true understanding of psychology. Understanding how is this business, product or service is going to help someone, and how can you use strategic design to present the value of this to an audience? That should be the first step a good brand designer uncovers with a new client during their brand discovery.

 And then, understanding the feeling one must give a viewer or potential consumer for them to want to act on the value your business or brand provides. From there, we can start to develop those answers into elements like a logo design, a color palette, curated imagery, a mission statement, and so much more!”

 There’s tons of room to wipe out the “top dogs” in business, simply because their foundation and their “why” behind it all, is bound to eventually fall. Elaina wants to help people with good hearts and intentions create businesses and brands that help others instead of hurt, lie or manipulate others just for a profit.

Elaina Mitchell grew up in a poor family, and because of those financial circumstances, she was able to grow her creativity by learning how to literally make something out of nothing, over and over again. Those “poor circumstances” were really the secret ingredient to her current success as a Branding Specialist and Designer. Using her love for art and design, she forged a way to create a business doing what she loves, while helping others do what they’re called to do in this world.

 “Taking someones ideas and visions, and helping them put true purpose behind it, is beyond fulfilling. Designing their logo and brand elements is always fun for me too, but it really does goes much deeper than that for me, spiritually speaking…

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that I’ll die a happy woman knowing that a little piece of my purpose, love and light, will always live on through the hand I was able to lend creating someone else’s vision and bringing it to life. Creativity and Design skills were a blessing I didn’t ask for, but was given…and it’s my job to put it to good use to help someone else put their blessings to good use too.”

 So, there you have it: If you’re goal is to create a lasting brand that is not only successful but truly helps the world, it’s important to work with a Branding Specialist and Designer that understands the strategy and mindset it takes to make that happen, and the knowledge and skills it takes to bring it to life.

Instagram: @elaina.mitchell

Facebook: Eliana Mitchell

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