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How Benedicte Engen wrote the sweet success story of ‘Viking Waffles’.

The tantalizing aroma of waffles made in the lanes of Norway reached New York, winning America’s hearts.

The taste of freshly baked goodies is irresistible and what better than grabbing a piece or two of your favourite while on the go, and above all if you come to know that the baked goodies are healthy then they’re hard to let go. We are talking about a healthy waffle option that’s hit America right from Norway, and people are loving every bit of it. Benedicte Engen’s ‘Viking Waffles’ has redefined the waffle-eating experience, which is delicious as well as healthy. Hard to believe, isn’t it? “The idea behind creating a healthy option sprung up to my mind when I asked myself why can’t we combine taste and health both and bring to the world something which one can eat guilt free, daily. I began experimenting and trying healthy alternatives to the Norwegian waffle recipes and brought out this unique option which has been widely appreciated by our customers,” says Benedicte, who within a span of few years has established her brand well on foreign shores. Tadacip 20 mg information

Being a Norwegian soccer player, cross fit trainer, kettle bell and yoga instructor she always has been deeply involved in studies related to sports and nutrition, coming from a medical background, her in-depth knowledge led her to gain more details about healthy eating options. Her love for homemade waffles by her grandmom inspired her to work upon permutations and combinations on the original recipe, until she came up with a healthy alternative which gave birth to ‘Vikings Waffles’. Her passion to bring her innovative idea to the forefront led her to drop out of her medical school and head towards New York to give her brand the much-needed kick-start. What made her zero down on the city to set up base, we ask her, to which she responds, “being the world’s most economically strong metropolitan city, New York was an ideal choice for me to get my waffle brand on track.”

The initial days saw her cook ‘Viking Waffles’ in the basement of a church in NYC, packing and hand-delivering around the neighborhood. The doors to ‘Vikings Waffles’ officially opened up in 2018, and has been the favourite of many professional athletes, supermodels, busy professionals, nuclear families and health conscious individuals who have found the perfect stop for healthy home cooked food that’s energizing and peps them up. The brand is looking for expansion, looking at the tremendous response it has been garnering since its launch three years back. We would love to see many more of their healthily baked waffle stores across the country very soon. Fingers crossed! Alprazolam online

Take a look at ‘Vikings Waffles’ online shop on

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