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Helping people recover and return to their healthier selves and wealthier lifestyles, make way for Diago Haddadi.

The much-talked-about health trainer and therapist is now helping the community to Be Fit after 40.

No matter how much ever we talk about a few people crossing boundaries and making bigger moves in their paths to carve a unique path of success for themselves, it feels much more discussions are still needed around them for the world to know their genius. It is essential to sometimes throw more light on the journeys and choices of a few professionals across industries around the world to understand what really took these people to become their best versions. In case of health trainer, therapist, and health specialist Diago Haddadi, it was pure passion, love for fitness and health, and determination to motivate others to focus on the most important aspect of their lives.

Today, if Diago Haddadi is moving faster in the health sector as a one-of-a-kind trainer and specialist, it is because of his commitment and the many sleepless nights he had to put in to transform the lives of others and ultimately make people understand the amount of importance they need to give to health in their lives. Be it training or diets, the health specialist has never left a stone unturned in changing the mindsets of people for the better, and this is one of the reasons that has brought him so far in the industry across the UAE.

Diago Haddadi now has been garnering even more momentum and recognition as he has been helping the community to Be Fit after 40 (years). He thinks that after crossing 40 years, people feel they lack the ability or the capacity to change their lives and achieve their goals. To change this mindset, he created a remote community and network (membership-based) to teach how to be fit and healthy with a training program, nutrition, and supplements.

Not just that, he also provides rehab coaching. He noticed how many people who go through post-injury/surgery wish to train again after physiotherapy but get afraid or get confused about what to do. This is when Diago Haddadi enters the picture to coach them and advise them on recovery and help them return to their healthier selves and wealthier lifestyles.

There is much more that Diago Haddadi wants to do in the industry and take people towards their best versions.

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