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“Go Higher With LA Model and Entrepreneur Angela Mazzanti”

If you know anything about the tattoo or cannabis industry, then you should be familiar with Southern California’s Angela Mazzanti. You can find her, sometimes, scantily clad and covered in art while unapologetically smoking weed on Instagram, TikTok, and WeedTube. Whether she’s smiling sweetly or flipping the camera off, it is evident that Angela’s persona has that intriguing it-girl quality that people can’t take their eyes off of. Mazzanti holds a significant place across various platforms and has been a prominent advocate in the ever-growing cannabis industry for the last ten years.

As someone smoking weed for over a decade, Mazzanti is well-versed and experienced in the cannabis space, from starting as a budtender to a massive influencer. Budtending exposed her to a strong networking sector that provided opportunities to attend events that eventually contributed to where she is now. We spoke with the entrepreneur, rapper, model, and influencer to talk about her perception of how the pandemic impacted the cannabis world and her place within it.

In 2020, the demand for medical and recreational cannabis increased. “With the stay-at-home order and sometimes with little to do, what better way to pass the time than getting high? Luckily, dispensaries stayed open as an important business,” shares Mazzanti. During a time of great uncertainty for many businesses, Angela expressed how grateful she is to work within an industry that continued to thrive. Influencer marketing increased for the entrepreneur since most companies could only advertise through social media,”I got very lucky because not only did I have the social media aspect of pushing during the whole lockdown, I also started a sales position at Punch Edibles which helped to keep me busy since a lot of my events were shut down in 2020.”

Mazzanti believes that the growth in overall awareness and sales will aid the transition away from negative stereotypes and stigmas associated with the cannabis movement. As someone that has been in the cannabis space for a significant period, she’s seen the transformation first hand, especially in the last year. The industry has changed a lot and Mazzanti is excited for the future, “More people are becoming open to the idea of at least trying a cannabis product whether it be an edible, a vape or a tincture. There are so many options, especially if the smoking aspect turns them off.” Being forced to stay at home in 2020 no doubt made a huge impact on the shift in attitude towards cannabis and cannabis products. Still, Mazzanti recognizes the progress made with the cannabis community as a whole during a difficult time, “The cannabis industry was one of the few places that still had many jobs readily available whether it be in manufacturing, distribution or dispensaries and it was amazing to see the industry grow so much more given the circumstances we were all under.”

Published by Gold Group Agency
Jade Delao & Danielle Cunanan

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