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Four Principles of Leadership for 2023 with LA Tribune CEO Moe Rock

Moe Rock

As we enter the final stretch of the year we wanted to shift our focus for our readers to how they can enter the new year right around the corner with the proper mindset. Having the opportunity to pick the brain of a CEO of a historical legacy brand that has been rebranded and reintroduced in a new way for a changing market was one we couldn’t resist. For good reason, N.Y. Weekly named him one of the top ten leaders to watch for along with Grant Cardone in January of this year. Forbes has called him the “Maverick of Media” LA Weekly wrote, “He sees things in business that few can see”. For these reasons and more we asked Moe to provide us with a set of principles that we can learn to apply to our businesses as we enter the new year.

The following are four principles/lessons Moe Rock uses to enter the new year:

Lesson One: Gratitude

Begin to think about the underlying thought that must be present to be ungrateful. To lack gratitude, you must believe that your situation is permanent and “as good as it gets.” Think about it…if you KNEW your current situation was temporary, and that new results and goodness were on their way, you would not be ungrateful — you would be excitedly anticipating the future. Wouldn’t you?

Lesson Two: You Are CEO of Me,INC

Remember, you are the President/CEO of Me, Inc. As president, leadership principles are imperative to your long-term success and achievement. Study them and apply them well. Run your life like a CEO that takes full absolute responsibility for every outcome of every department. We have all heard about responsibility but Moe Rock suggests the idea of absolute responsibility.

Lesson Three: Leadership of others begins with the leadership of yourself.

While this may seem self-evident and common sense — it is not commonly practiced. You cannot give what you don’t have — you cannot give directions to destinations you have not traveled. Leadership is an “Inside/Out Approach” that begins with the journey to your very spirit and soul.

Lesson Four: Market leadership and success is NOT about your product!

WOW! Now this is a controversial one isn’t it? Moe Rock has been known to be unconventional both with his business ventures and in the speaking circuit. This point certainly makes that case. Here’s the bottom-line: chances are great (as stated earlier) that you do not own your market. Time after time I hear the stories, “We have hired the best scientists in the world to research and develop our product — there is nothing like this on the market — we have spared no expense — we are the only company so committed to quality that we gave our developers an open checkbook.” Sound familiar? I could go on and on but the cold hard facts are that EVERYONE is saying this. If you have had your finger on the pulse of the marketplace to any degree you KNOW this is true.

We hope these four lessons will help guide you to close out the year with a new mindset to have a leader’s edge.

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