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Edward Davis, Agent of Agents, Rewrites the Sports Agency Rulebook

Born and raised in Georgia’s culturally significant Stone Mountain, Edward Davis benefited greatly from the city’s rich heritage. There, he earned his Master’s degree in Sports Administration. His self-assurance has blossomed over time, and he is now a more confident man. Davis had always aspired to make it as a professional football player. Despite his talent and potential, his NFL career never took off. He was determined to become a professional sports agent. This was a field in which he could use his talents and earn a very comfortable living. It was challenging to become an agent without any sort of training or guidance.

The spirit of any industry can be stifled by bureaucracy and politics. However, their vitality can be revived by considering them from a different angle. This is precisely what Davis did in the sports industry. Edward Davis is a sports agent who believes in the power of spreading positivity, and he uses that philosophy in his daily work. Davis is rewriting the books; what was once done secretly is being revealed so that more people can realize their ambitions of working in professional sports with athletes.

Covid-19 shutdowns and restrictions nearly ruined his first year as an agent when they halted all professional sports events. If his clients had been able to present to NFL teams at Pro Day as planned, he wouldn’t have lost $52k. He devised a novel approach by organizing a virtual “Pro Day” for the athletes he had financed. Two of them were signed as undrafted free agents by NFL teams, so it was a good outcome. Once again, Edward’s career as a professional sports agent benefited from his ability to think creatively. 

A lack of accessible guidance led him to make some severe blunders in his early days as an agent. These blunders could have been avoided with some training. He started an online course, Sports Agent Master Class, to bridge this gap. His program has eliminated the need for a law degree to enter the field. In addition, new agents can now become licensed in as little as 30 days with the help and guidance he wished he had had when he first entered the field.

Edward Davis has devised a system that facilitates the success of agents and the aspiring professional athletes they represent in their pursuit of contracts with professional teams. He has perfected his techniques for finding and recruiting top talents, making him a formidable agent. Though his minority status has made him face difficulties that white agents might not, it has also given him a chance to offer something fresh to the team. His goals for the upcoming season include expanding his business as a whole, not just as an athlete’s agent.

If you’re trying to launch a business, Davis advises, “be coachable.” According to him, it is not uncommon for those who believe they know everything to end up unsuccessful. Don’t be that person who refuses to seek help. The best course of action, he says, is to hire an expert whose services you can afford and learn from them. Accept new information and ideas without hesitation. Do what you can with that knowledge, no matter how much it costs you.

Edward Davis is on Instagram as @callmyagent. You can catch him there and learn more about his agency.

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