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Director Bhai Studios Taking Big Steps

When it comes to New York Hip Hop, one of the most important elements associated with it is its culture. The city is made up of so many distinctive neighborhoods. There is always so much happening in the city, both good and bad, but hip-hop has served as a unifying force. You hear people all over the world speaking about “keeping it real”. The New York Hip Hop scene is truly a dynamic place to visit, especially with Bhai Studios continuing to carve out his own niche.

Bhai Studios is a 22 years old Hip hop music video director from Woodside Queens, New York. With over 6 years of experience in direction and workflow, he has been creating Hip Hop music videos for some of the most talented rappers in the US and abroad. Bhai Studios told us that it took his hard work just to get here and oh boy, you should see how many successes he has racked up on his timeline so far!

Bhai Studios has worked with some of the most highly acclaimed Hip-Hop artists including Goddy Goddy, Gino Mondana, and CPDaRuler. For those who don’t know, GoddyGoddy is the man behind some of the most successful music videos of Pop Smoke. Bhai Studios has been working with Goddy Goddy for 2 years now and he plans to work with him in near future as well. Bhai Studios loves the work of Legendary Keyzz and credits him for his creativity. Although Bhai Studios works independently, he enjoys being able to explore his art without any restraints. He has enjoyed working with Goddy Goddy for two years now. 

When asked about his dream collaboration, Bhai Studios had this to say: ‘I would love to work with Dark Sight Visuals.’ He also expressed his desire for working with Tory Lanez, ‘I’d love to make a music video for him! I want my work to speak for myself – it’s all about staying humble and grateful everything comes naturally from there.’

Bhai Studios said that he has multiple projects coming this year and he is collaborating with both the US and overseas artists. 

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