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Diamondboi designs shining bright But Still Humble

Purchasing a diamond ring is a daunting task for any male or female because you want to ensure you select the right ring style. However, Nuno Rocha who operates Diamondboi Designs has got you covered and ensures the experience you receive from the start will be lasting.

Rocha started his journey into the diamond business over 32 years ago working his way up the ladder. He’s worked in wholesale, manufacturing and retail. However, it was his creative side that pushed him to launch his own business. His passion for creating timeless pieces and the quality/time he puts into creating amazing jewelry is what differentiates him from his competitors.

In addition, the atmosphere he’s created for his clients is different from most jewellers. Rocha understands the fear and commitment most clients may feel when it comes to purchasing a ring. Rocha a has added an XBOX station, TV’s and comfy furniture to ease the anxiety his clients may have.

In 2006, he created Diamondboi Designs. The moniker, Diamondboi was given to him by his friends when he was younger. The name stuck with him and has now become the brand name of his business. Fast-forward to 2012 when he took his business to social media, creating a buzz which has propelled his enterprise to grow exponentially. “When I started, I was doing about 102 rings a year. I’m now doing about 2500 rings a year,” Rocha said. Rocha’s business has blossomed both locally and globally. Thirty percent of his business is global, and he ships worldwide.

Rocha’s process in creating these enduring pieces starts with a combination of his own personal creativity and his client’s vision. “The beautiful thing about my concept is I might make the same ring 50 times but each time it’s going to be slightly different because of the person I’m sitting down with,” Rocha said.

Rocha prides himself in using best cut pieces thereby creating unique items that allow clients to display their sparkling pieces on social media, #diamondboisparkle.

Even though Rocha has made several pieces of jewelry for former Toronto Raptors Serge Ibaka and Danny Green, he stays humble throughout his success and focuses on taking care of his family.

Furthermore, in 2019 he started the Shine Bright Like a Diamond foundation which supports several charities such as: The Breast Cancer Society of Canada, Prostate Cancer Canada, and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada.

Each foundation has special significance for Rocha and his family because his family has been affected by these ailments. In 2019, a gala was held to honour these charities and over $31,000 was raised. The money was divided amongst all three charities. @diamondboi

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