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CLASSIYAH, a luxury makeup brand from the UAE, helps make you wear the real you.

It has grown as a one-of-a-kind makeup and cosmetic brand in a very short time, catering to the varied needs of makeup enthusiasts with quality makeup products.

It is essential to notice how the world has seen umpteen number of changes and developments across industries and how these changes have, most often than not, changed the game of those niches for the better in more ways than one. Learning more about how these developments took place is necessary as that will guide other budding brands and businesses in the right direction. Experts across industries believe that most sectors worldwide have thrived for two reasons: one is the adoption of the latest tech advancements, and two is their idea of innovations and inventions. The cosmetic and makeup industry is one among them that has seen massive growth and development globally, giving rise to some amazing makeup and cosmetic brands like CLASSIYAH that have stood tall and unique from the rest in unimaginable ways, catering to the needs of makeup lovers and makeup enthusiasts with the best of makeup and cosmetic products.

Interestingly, CLASSIYAH, which has been making a lot of noise recently, is a makeup brand that was launched in 2022 in Dubai, the UAE, and still, in a very short span of time, has grown tremendously. The proof is the massive sales it has been making and the buzz it has already created in the markets, with also many makeup influencers using its products. Speaking on the same, the founder and CEO of CLASSIYAH, Safia Mohammad Ashraf, says that she is glad and proud both of how rapidly her brand has been making a mark for itself in the ever-evolving cosmetic and makeup niche worldwide. She recalls how her love for makeup for the last 12 years and her innate creative skills as a self-taught makeup artist made her the founder of her brand in her late 20s.

CLASSIYAH stands classic in every sense of the word offering people the highest quality cosmetic products that suit their needs and that which effortlessly can be used by customers in their daily makeup routines. The much-talked-about brand has a range of makeup products like foundation, concealer, pressed powder, highlighter, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow soap, blush stick, lipstick, lip gloss, and much more. All these products are available in different shades and colors to suit different skin types and skin complexions. Not just the products, but the team has also focused on the packaging of these products to make them more appealing to the eyes. These luxury cosmetic products are also priced affordably while offering people the best of makeup experiences.

Safia as the founder, along with her team, is working toward bettering people’s makeup experiences by focusing on the quality of each product. She is also in the process of incorporating jewellery and diamonds into her product range to cater to more consumer needs.

CLASSIYAH emerges as a healthy and safe cosmetic brand that indeed makes you wear the real you.

Follow CLASSIYAH official Instagram: @Classiyah

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