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Better known as the queen of Hollywood, Marcela Iglesias is the new star in a reality show.

She is featured in Rica Famosa Latina in Estrella Media, which is bound to take her popularity to the next level.

The world of entertainment has introduced numerous individuals who have made their mark owing to their good looks and talent. A few have managed to hit the top very soon in their careers in spite of stepping in late, Marcela Iglesias being one amongst them. She has made her mark in the world of entertainment, and has earned the title of Queen of Hollywood rightly. Her good looks and larger than life lifestyle has catapulted her popularity to soaring heights, and she’s the reason behind her every bit of success.

Marcela Iglesias

No one in their wildest dreams would be able to make out her real age as she looks not a year older her 21 year old son and which make people’s eyes pop out in awe. Her charming personality has won her enough recognition and fame around the entertainment industry to such an extent that she is featured in the reality show in Rica Famosa Latina on Estrella Media, which will definitely spread her popularity wide. She says that reaching this position has not been as easy as it seems to be as she had to face a lot of challenges in her life, before she made it big.

She landed in Los Angeles as an immigrant with no official papers two decades back and made it on her own, which is truly commendable. The title of Queen of Hollywood is rightly deserved, as she has earned every bit of it by working hard and going through tough times bravely, reaching where she stands at present. Presently, apart from being a part of the entertainment industry, Marcela also owns a talent management and lifestyle brand called ‘The Plastics of Hollywood’s, and is also involved in real estate business.

She has gone a step ahead and done significantly well in the area of women empowerment too by holding motivational talks called ‘Marcela’s Way’, where she guides women and motivates them to take charge of their lives. Be it her personal or professional life, she has earned respect and recognition in both and is aiming higher in coming days through her endeavors.

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